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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Check out this video...
I was putting clothes away...I left Isaac in the bumbo seat with a cookie.
I came back into the room...and he was fast asleep...still eating that cookie!

ATTENTION--The guest room is CLOSED until further notice.

(ok...maybe just until the weekend)
I smelled something yucky in there...pulled up the carpet a little...MOLD!  
SO...I break out the pry bar, face mask, clorox, razor...and pull up the carpet, padding, carpet tacks, and baseboards.  THEN, I had to spray the floor and behind the baseboards with clorox and scrub away.  (at least I should HAVE burned off some calories today).

BUT...this is perfect...because I wanted to try and stain the concrete floor!  I went to Home Depot tonight...and my plan in underway.   I've already filled the holes in the floor.  Tomorrow...I sand, clean, put muratic acid on it to etch it...stain it....then, seal it.

I WILL be sure to post pics (if it looks good)...if not...I'll just put down more carpet.

Tomorrow our Katie Beckett caseworker is suppose to come out.  hmmmm...I have ALL the furniture that was in the guestroom just sitting in the front living room.  I'll have to hide it somewhere.

All the boys are doing great (I kept the door closed while I was cleaning the yucky room...don't worry...and the window was open, and my face mask was on)

Joe made it home tonight by 10:00pm. One day...he will see the sunlight....one day!

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Lee Family said...

I love the video that is the cutest thing. I love it when they try and eat and sleep at the same time it is so cute to watch.

Mandy said...

The video was cute!!

Thanks again for letting Chris watch the kidos and for you watching the kidos also!! :D Meghan loved playing with him. When she woke up this morning that's all she talked about was Sto.

Amber said...

Way....too...cute!!! I loved that video..It made me want to scoop him up. :0)

The Portas said...

That video is just too cute! Sleepy little man. :) Can't wait to see floor pics! xo