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Thursday, July 30, 2009

We drove a few hours today to visit my grandparents...
and look at these cute cousins that were there also!
(yep...Eli's in HEAVEN!)

I MISS the green of North Carolina.  
Sunflowers were in full bloom in granddaddy Joe's garden.
ok...while I was uploading my pics..
I noticed THIS picture on Joe's computer. 
Chris...Joe...would you guys like to explain why CHRIS is behind the 
wheel of a CAR??  huh??
Here's the cutest grandma in the world
(she's talking...not making a face at me)...
the boys were SO not cooperating with me on this one!
and look at granddaddy Joe...
sorry ladies...he's taken!
The sunshine just radiates from him!
We are SO tired...but, had so much fun today.
Tomorrow...we sleep in...and go grocery shopping for the BEACH!!!  No worries...I brought my coupons and I'm ready to shop until I drop!!

I forgot to tell you guys...but, as much as getting the O2 for the plane was a hassle...his sats went from 96 to 88 while flying.  I'm glad that I had the oxygen for support to pull him back into the mid 90s.  (if he's down too low for too long...the wretching and throwing up start up again).

Can I just add that it's almost midnight...and my boys are ALL awake.  I suppose they'll be on east coast time by the time we go home.

**Question for my heart mamas.  Isaac's still having horrible poop problems.  How much miralax are you giving your kids.  This last week, I just picked up some pedialax and I'm up to 3 tsp a day...and he's still dying each time he has to poop...so very sad:(

other than poop problems..he's just perfect.  He hasn't need the oxygen since we've landed...and he's crawling and exploring like he always does.  

Joe made it to Memphis today where he'll stay with his parents until we meet up on Sunday at the beach.  I can't wait to see him!!

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Lee Family said...

I am glad to hear that everyone is having fun, Hopefully Joe will join in real soon.

When you get back home call your GI and get him on Mineral oil, I hear that really helps alot.

Have fun

Mandy said...

Can you bring back some sun flowers, Tristen, Brittany, grandma and granddaddy?? Please!!!!!!!!!! And why is there no pic of Aunt Debbie??? Slacker!

The Portas said...

What a fun fun time!!! Those are indeed some cute cousins for Eli to flirt with. Everyone looks so happy! I'm glad you guys are having a good time. And I'm glad Joe's trip is going well!

Sorry, no poop help from me. That's an issue that Elijah has never had..

Have a great time at the beach! Take tons of pics!!!! xo

Anonymous said...

Start out with a cap full of Mirlax and once you get him to poop you can back off a little. I'm not responsible for explosive diapers leaking all over the place but it has worked for Shay. She is on a standerd 1/2 cap dose once a day and that seems to work well for her if she has trouble I just up the amount for a while until the poop happens. Our GI doc told us that Mirlax is a very safe drug it just draws extra water into the intestines so make sure Isaac gets plenty of water. Looks like you are having a wonderful time ENJOY!!!!

Tina:0) said...

We did the miralax thing with Vaeh, but it took a peds enema to get her going :0( I really hated to do it too her, but she looked like she was going to pop a blood vessel on her forehead if we didn't do something. Then I kept up with the miralax for a week or two to regulate her. Hope he gets some relief soon :0)

Vanessa said...

Sounds like you guys are already having a good time. (besides Isaac's poop troubles)

Thanks for sharing the pictures! Looking forward to more!