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Sunday, July 05, 2009

My niece, Meghan, spent some time with us this week...
these two are only 4 months apart in age...
look how tiny Isaac is in comparison!

Only my sweet hubby could put his golf clubs on the
back of his motorcycle!
(seriously...he drove down the interstate like that!)
and sweet Isaac.
Joe gave him some Oatmeal and Chocolate chip cookies...
and he LOVED them!
He makes SUCH a mess!
I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend.  Overall, we did!
It was just a nice, relaxing weekend!
We just popped fireworks in our cul de sac...and we were surrounded by lovely neighbors that had the illegal COOL fireworks!  It was like we were on the strip watching the nice ones!

I got a little sun by the pool this weekend...ok, a LOT of sun...but, oh...I needed it!

Isaac has a neruology appointment tomorrow.  I can't wait for that one! (just kidding)
I will grill the doc about Isaac's delays...it's not an important appointment...just a 6 month routine one that I've just kept putting off.

We FINALLY bought Eli a bike.  He needs a bigger one...and we go out every weekend...and he can't find one that he likes.  TODAY...we took it out of the box...and it's bent!  urrghh...so, I'm taking it back tomorrow!  OH...and when we get back from our vacation in NC...Eli wants me to sign him up for Tap and Hip Hop classes...too cute!

Chris...I've seen him briefly.  He exists.  It's not only in my imagination.  He too has asked for other activities so that I don't bore him to death. 
hmmm....I'm thinking about what to put him in....

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Mandy said...

Thanks for taking my kidos for a few hours! Now you can send Chris over to babysit me.

Meghan and Isaac look like they were playing together a little.

I'm glad you guys had a great 4th.

The Portas said...

These photos are GREAT! Joe, I love it! And look at that handsome little Isaac face. Awwww, I could eat him up..

Praying for a good neuro appt today!

When is your NC vacation? Is Sioux Falls (and MN) next???? :)

Sarah said...

I love his messy little face! Dance lessons sound fun!!! Joe is my husbands kind of guy - we have to get together some day!