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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Eli sees me sewing tutus each day..
he LOVES money...
so, he's decided to make a caterpillar out of clay
and would like to put it up for sale for $2.00.
(grandmas...start sending money)
He told me that once this one sells...he'll make more characters.

Here are the boys outside yesterday...
oh...so cute..

I will get you Eli...
and I will get that ear...
come back here!
Here's poor Isaac at the end of our outing in the backyard....
big cheese ball!
Can you do this??
Who's the cutest baby??
Poor little Eli.
He's wanted a garden FOREVER..
and well...we only have rocks.
SO, he planted some pumpkin seeds...

we'll see if they germinate.

I have SO much to share.
How about this conversation yesterday with the boys:

Me: "Eli...didn't I ask you to help clean your bathroom?"
Eli: "I don't recall"
Chris: "mom...where did he learn that word?"
Eli: "I don't recall"
Chris:"Eli...where did you learn that big vocabulary word?"
Eli:"I don't recall"

So...Chris thinks that "recall" is a BIG word.
oh boy!

THEN...here's another Chris conversation:

Me: "I'm going to stop buying sodas"
Chris:"why...what are we suppose to drink then?"
Chris:"why water"
Me:"soda has too much fat in it"
Chris:"so does water"
Me:"it does not"
Chris:"yes it does. When you're pregnant...your belly is full of water. Then, your water breaks and you lose all that weight. See...

What can you say to that? seriously? I think my child is being left behind in school.

and here's a video of my defiant Isaac:
(mom...prepare yourself...I pop his hand)

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The Portas said...

What a silly little table eater. :) He keeps looking at you like, BUT MOM! I'm the cutest!

Super funny conversations with the boys. Hee hee, love them.

The pic of Isaac looking right at the camera is SO STINKIN' CUTE! That one should get blown up and framed for sure. The foot-eating pic is hilarious!

Tell Eli I hope his pumpkins grow nice and big and also...I'll buy a clay caterpillar!

Tina:0) said...

What a bunch of cuties!!! How can you live with them & not gobble them up?!

As for the video... look at him?!?!!! He's nearly standing up at the TV table!! Way to go Isaac!!

Grandma Susie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Grandma Susie said...

Just wondering . . . maybe Eli could plant his pumkin seeds in a planter with some great soil and a little miracle grow.

We love all the pics! And that video just makes me want to scoop Isaac up and give him a hundred kisses, he is so cute!

Grandma Judy said...

Tell El I will pay his $2.00.

And as for Isaac, Why are you laughing when telling him NO? Tell him, NO, pick him and slide him away from the TV. If he continues, turn the TV off. YOu know this stuff! He just has you wrapped!

Lee Family said...

Your kids are so funny Chris had me laughing.

I just love all of the photos what a little cutie pie.

Logan is the same way very defiant.

Have a great weekend.

The Jones Family said...

Ed and I were just cracking up over those conversations!!! Ed says Chris only has to score a 55 on the military acceptance test... and that's waiverable.. so there's still hope! Semper Fi