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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Here was Isaac sleeping last night.

a little closer.
and a side view...
So...he's still not feeling good. I'm only putting the o2 on him at night..and he gets so mad at me. I'm still coughing up my lungs...Eli's still got a cough.

Today our little Chris turned 15! Yikes!
He had a good birthday...I think. He went off to school today wearing a Burger King Crown....
had cupcakes...and ended the night with Mandy and the boys at Hooters.
(as in Rome...huh?)
Here's a little of their restaurant visit....

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Mandy said...

So before amyone gets mad or upset with me, we went at 4:30. The hot chicks with tighter and smaller clothes work the later shift. And also, I took them to the one off the strip. So alot less girls and people!!!

I hope Isaac fells better soon Kat. Oh, and you too. We need to get back into our shopping routine. :)

The Portas said...

Go Chris!!! How funny!

Sending you guys lots of healthy prayers! That sweet little sleeping Isaac just melted my heart. What a precious little boy you've got.

Hoping for a much better day for you all today! xo

Lee Family said...

Isaac looks so sweet sleeping like that. Did you make it to the Pedi and what did they do for him. Sending prayers your way.

I am glad Chris had a great time at Hooters.

jencooper said...

That is hilarious!! And, Mandy, we don't get mad around here! Bennett thinks that Hooters has the best hot dogs ever!!

Hope that your cough is getting better.


Vanessa said...

Oh that was hilarious! I can't believe Chris actually did that. lol!

Okay..you need to tell those germs to leave your household alone! Hope you feel better this weekend.