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Monday, September 28, 2009

Here's a little video of Isaac taking a bath in the kitchen sink...
(i kept his little boy parts covered...no worries)

Tomorrow morning we see Dr. Mayman (our cardiologist)...I'm so excited. He will be able to give me the valve leakage number (remember...it's on a scale from 1-10...10 is ready for surgery--Isaac was at a 6 last time (about 6 months ago). And....we get to come home with the holter monitor. (how fun!)

and we get fitted for our old man walker on Wednesday...what a week!

OH...and Isaac was CRUISING today. You know...where he walks along the couch (while holding onto the side of the couch). Yep...he took about three steps, while holding onto the side...trying to get a toy...but, he did it!
and he's still able to wiggle out of those leg braces...I have NO IDEA how he does that.

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The Portas said...

I just love him to pieces! Isaac, tell your mom to pack your bags and come visit Elijah and me!!

Ok, saying prayers for the card visit today. GOOD NEWS, PLEASE!! Let us know how it goes!

Yay for cruising! That is a huge step in his gross motor development.

Sending you all lots of hugs today. Thanks for posting the cute video! xo

jencooper said...

Saying lots and lots of prayers!!

I want to come to the get together!!

Cruising??? WOW!! That is amazing! Way to go Isaac! You are going to be walking any day now!


T n T - K n K said...

Can I just say how freagin cute he is. The face of a perfect Angel...really! But don't all your boys have that face :-)
Ok, I'm going to have to shut up when we talk. I have to go to your blog and hear all the lovely milestones. Just tell me to shut it up! You know how I get :-)
Great news on the cruisin.

And I'm hoping for a 1 from Dr. Mayman today but whatever number he gives "us" I will be there.
Will the Walker replace the leg braces? I have a ton of questions already...But I'm going to shut my pie hole and listen this time...promise....ttys

mina said...

Isaac is too cute! All the best with the cardio appointment!

Vanessa said...

He is so darn cute!