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Friday, September 04, 2009

Well...Isaac has a runny nose. You know...it's been about a month since he's been on antibiotics...so, of course it's time to have another ear infection. I'm loading him up with Benadryl to try and dry up his head....but, it probably won't work and we're in for a HORRIBLE week:(

Nonetheless....with snot running down his face non-stop...he can still laugh and make us laugh.
Check this video out. When Isaac is getting into something, I say "Isaac" in a high voice...and it just cracks him up. (please note...some of that screaming is Eli...but, you might want to turn the volume down some...we do get a little rowdy!)

SO...Eli went back to school on Thursday and he seems to be doing much better. He still needs about 3 neb treatments a day and a few puffs while at school...but, he's much happier.

Chris....I just don't know what to say. His birthday is next week...and he's just DYING to know what he's getting! I can't tell you (he might be reading this).

Joe...well, he had to fly out tonight to go and get his motorcycle. Long story...but, he'll be spending Labor Day weekend on the road coming home:(

so...that leaves me. I'll be catching up on my blogs, clipping coupons, and making Halloween tutus. It should be a great weekend (if Isaac's nose will turn off)!

OH...didn't I tell you that our big screen tv is broken? Well...it is...and it's killing me! The repair guys came yesterday...and it'll only cost $846 to fix it. seriously! My money trees dried up a LONG time ago. SO, we have a little 19" tv sitting on a table in front of the big while I wait for Mitsubishi to tell me if they will warranty any of the parts. (fingers crossed)

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The Portas said...

Kathy!! We should be spending the weekend together with our little boys. Elijah and I are on our own this whole weekend, too.

I'm so sorry to hear about the sick monster invading Isaac's body. We promise we didn't send him your way! He is still visiting us, too.

That video cracked me up. Elijah loved it, too. He got the silliest grin on his face every time you said Isaac's name.

Ok, our big screen tv broke a few months ago too and would cost like $700 to get it fixed. We bought a new tv instead, but have a very nice (but broken) big screen in our garage collecting dust. What do we do with our tvs?? Is there a big screen heaven?

Ok, have a good rest of your weekend and get better, ISAAC!! xo

Lee Family said...

Oh I am sorry to hear he is still sick, You have to get better soon so we can come over and play.

Have fun on the computer all weekend and shopping. Thanks for the tip yesterday I really appreciate it. Have the boys help you out around the house. If you need anything please call me.
Have a great weekend.

Tina:0) said...

Okay, must be something in the air... about TV's I mean. Our big screen (55") went ka-put on Friday. Its just the bulb & thankfully ours IS covered by waranty (the one time I actually spent the extra money & it came in handy;0) So, we're in the same boat of watching a MUCH smaller TV until we are able to order the part, have it shipped & get it put in... ugh. Gotta love technology - not!

So sorry to hear that Mr. Isaac is not feeling the best... darn runny noses! Vaeh's been snotting a bit, too, but I think her's is the weather change.

Hope he's feeling better soon! Maybe you just need to sit around & call his name all weekend! Should keep you guys entertained! Hope Joe gets back safe & soon! Sending healthy hugs!

Daisy said...

You know who this is...
That is just the cutest darn video ever!
Only you guys can make getting in "trouble" funny and cute. Luv ya'll!!!

Amazon Coupons said...

That video cracked me up. Elijah loved it, too. He got the silliest grin on his face every time you said Isaac's name.