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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Isn't that sad:(
Poor Isaac.
With his medical conditions...and LOVE for television...
you'd think television repair would be covered under
our insurance....
(a girl can dream)

but...he likes this.
He'll sit right in front of it and make me move him all day.
But...if he can't see up close...why does he sit so close??
and the towel is on the table because he's STILL eating it
and taking chunks of wood out!
This was taken last week.
This is my niece, Meghan...who's only 4 months older than Isaac.
She's a GIANT!
(she's always trying to squeeze her big ole' bum in his
bumbo seat)
Well...as if by clockwork...Isaac is SICK again. His ears are draining, gagging, wretching, throwing up, fever, coughing....
and I'm sick
and Eli's still has a horrible cough....
and Chris' room smells like butt.
(just thought I'd throw that in there)

I sure do hope the peds are open tomorrow...(i've got my fingers crossed). I just don't want to take him to an Urgent care...who knows what else he'll catch and all the medical history explaining I'll have to do. (my head hurts already thinking about it)

I've had this wonderful weekend without Joe (not that it's wonderful that he's not here...but, I get to play on the computer endlessly and sew and just store hop ALL DAY)...EXCEPT, that's NOT how the weekend played out. I've just been rubbing bums and noses all day.

I sure do wish I had that toilet.
and a new tv.
and a new minivan.
and healthy kids.
and real hardwood floors
and a maid.
and no hair on my legs.

that's it.

I should start writing my note to Santa now...he's got a big list of goodies to get together for me this year!

Hope all the other babies out in blog world are all healthy!

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Tina:0) said...

Boy, that pic with the TV's looks very familiar... except ours is sitting off to the side & not directly in front of;0)

Poor Mr. Issac:0( Can't a little man (& his Momma!) catch a break from the sickies, his brother too! Ugh.

To answer your question about our tank... no, its not saltwater. WAY too expensive, & hard to set up. Saltwater fish alone can run upwards of $100 a piece. As for setting up our tank was fairly easy. Not much maintenance either. If you want more insider info, just drop me an email:0)

Not sure about halloween yet...they really haven't mentioned anything. Any ideas?

Hope everyone is back to feeling better soon (including the TV:0)! Sending hugs!

jencooper said...

Yuck! The sickies are no fun at all!! I am so sorry to hear that they are invading your house.

I am back in school so I am not able to sign in and comment every day. However, I read the site religiously to keep up with the Roller's.

There is nothing that makes me happier than seeing all of those adorable faces!!


Sarah said...

Evan loved when our tv was broke. Sat right in front of it and thought it was just for him. Cried when we took the little tv away. Your wish list is great. Hope you all had a nice weekend.

Lee Family said...

Poor little Issac sitting in front of the small tv.

You better get your letter to Santa off real fast.

Hope you get to feeling better soon, I hate to see you guys sick all the time :(

The Portas said...

You are funny. I'd like to add "no more hair on legs" to my Christmas wish list, too.

I'm so sorry you guys are all sick. :( I hope it passes quickly.