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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Sleeping beauty slept for 4 hours this afternoon...

but..that's why.
I just check his sats daily (mostly...out of habit).
He doesn't look blue...he was actually feeling better today.
No ear drainage and very little coughing.
BUT..his sats were in the high 80s...and would
dip in to the low 80s while he was sleeping.
So...back on the o2 he went. He screamed at me when I put the canula up his nose..but, fell right back asleep. SO...I suppose we will call the peds first thing in the morning and get in.
and me...I'm coughing up a lung. I think we're just all spreading the cooties around.

It was SO hard getting the big boys to go to bed on time. It's going to be even HARDER for me to wake up at 5:30 (especially considering that it's 12am and crazy man is still awake and so am I)

I NEED to go shopping tomorrow. Not for anything needed (of course)...I just have my eyes on a few clearance items at Target...and if they mark them any lower...someone else will snag them up!

If you don't read my coupon blog (which you should)...I've scored some pretty good deals last week (considering we've all been sick). Those Leap Frog Tag readers...normally $49.99..I got them for $2.48. yep...
and then more goodies at Michaels.

NOW..it's time for me to get ready for Halloween and start making my tutus.
oh..it's no time to get sick. I'll go swallow some Nyquil now...that should help kill the germs!

oh...and Isaac has feeding therapy in the morning at 8am (what was I thinking scheduling that early?)

obviously...NOT thinking!

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crabby old man said...

Praying for the Rollers

The Portas said...

Sending healthy prayers your way!! Let us know what the doctor says about Sir Isaac. I hope the Nyquil worked for you and helped you to get some sleep, Kathy. NQ was my friend last week.

Amber said...

We did that last week.
You guys have hung on to it a while longer. *or is it hanging on to you???*
Jacob went on Orapred and antibiotics...by day 3...no more O2 needed during the day! :0)
Praying you guys kick this out...once and for all.

*I don't know about you but...with Grace in school...I feel like she is just carrying it all back home. She only has a runny nose and the rest of us are coughing and congested!*

Lee Family said...

If you want my peds number please call me and I will give it to you. Did you make it to Target today.

I hope you get to feeling better soon. Prayers and hugs coming your way.

Tina:0) said...

Ugh. Enough of the sickies for you all! Isn't it someone elses turn... no one we know though;0)

Sound like even when you're down, you're running!! Hopefully you all get some rest & get rid of these pesky germs that keep invading your family! Sending healthy vibes!!!

Tera said...

hey kathy, how are you...hey Iam putting new pics up from madisons birthday....I hope you all feel better so we can hang out soon...I will call you this weekend....any new coupon savings, or deals you wanna let me in on....?