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Sunday, September 13, 2009

What a weekend. Joe has the yuckies that we've been battling for weeks (ha ha ha)...I mean...poor Joe.

I got up this morning and took the boys to church. YEP...all of them....feeding pump and all. YEAH for me!

I can't even remember what we did this weekend. Usually nothing but naps for Isaac and me. He's doing really good. Still snotty...but, really?

We're going to check out a new pt tomorrow (just one out in the community...we still have our sweet Nora).

My mind is just drawing blanks. We're just doing what we're doing....Hoping that Joe gets over the sickies soon.

You know that Isaac's 2 1/2 now. He's growing and doing new things each day.

He claps his hands now!!! (thank you Kelly for posting that video of Aubrey and getting him excited).
He really is aware of things that I tell him. He might not answer me, or follow directions...but, I think his light bulb has clicked...and he understands some things. (some)

When I catch him eating shoes...and yell his name. He throws the shoe quickly...as if to hide the evidence! (this is SO huge!)

When I clean up his playroom...he immediately crawls back in there and takes everything off the shelf to put it back on the floor where he likes it.

He crawls ALL over the house. He hasn't found the doggy door yet...but, I can't wait for that pic!

SO...here's a video of Isaac on his zebra. He can FINALLY sit on it without falling off...
I mean...ahhh...he can sit on it...and if he falls off, he doesn't cry.

(no toddler was harmed in the making of this movie)

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Mandy said...

I'll bring Meghan over so she can teach Isaac how to ride it. :) He really is doing such a great job though!!

Grandma Susie said...

I'm so impressed with all of Isaacs progress this year. . .We just love all your little videos (we live for them) so thank you so much for letting us in on the fun!

Poor Joe, he's been under a lot of stress lately - Hope he get the meds and rest he needs. Give him and the babies kisses for us. XOXOXO

The Portas said...

First of all, I LOVE seeing him crawl around!!! And sitting like a big boy on the zebra?! Oh Isaac, you are awesome, little man. I'm so proud of you.

His face in the video right after he falls off is great. He looked at you like, Seriously Mama??!

I hope Joe feels better soon and that you all can have a nice reprieve from sickness. Have a good day!! xo

Lee Family said...

He is doing such a good job of crawling he has mastered the skill YEAH. It has been awhile since I have seen him and he is crawling I cannot beleive it. I need to come over when everyone gets well so Isaac can show Logan how its done :)

Teresa said...

I am so amazed at the progress Isaac has made! WOW!!! It is so wonderful!!!! And he is so adorable! How is Dean doing???

Vanessa said...

Wow check him out!

The Jones Family said...

lol.. I love that video! Very cute!

Tera said...

Go isaac!!!!!!

Kelly said...

Look at the big boy! Man, he really supports himself so well on the zebra! (Aubrey has the same one and enjoyed watching this video!) And then his crawling! You're right, he has made a lot of progress this year!

I'm excited that he'll clap for you now. Who knew Aubrey would teach him that! =) Now, if only Isaac could teach Aubrey how to put things in her mouth. ha. Isaac is a pro and chewing on all things.