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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Isaac doesn't eat food...
he still eats shoes.

Eli stayed home again today from school. Four days in school...four days absent. Tomorrow...I hope he makes it. Isaac is feeling just fine...crawling everywhere and getting into everything!
Didn't I tell you that Chris was in choir at school? Well....I think he picked that class because of all the girls. Well, he got in an ALL GUY class!! He was going to drop it...but, decided it was easy and he's convinced that he's a singer.
oh boy.
So, now I have to buy a tux for my budding singer!

(if you're my friend on facebook...you have already heard this story)
skip it.
My brakes started making horrible noises this week. So, I waited until Chris was home to watch the little boys nap...and I drove to Meineke near our house. I waited about an hour and then they gave me a HUGE estimate. Then, told me that they could fix it, but it would take about three hours. WELL, I wasn't spending my afternoon there. So, I started walking home (although, they were nice enough to ask me for a ride...but, I don't ride with strangers). I walked 1 1/2 miles home, in the VEGAS HEAT, with my black leather flip flops on. I think the bottom of my feet are sun burnt. But...when it was time to pick up the car...I put on my running outfit and shoes (because the outfit helps me run better)...and I ran half way to pick up my van (I walked the other half...because I am NOT in good shape)
My feet still hurt.
I've been resting them on a cold wash rag.

Funny Eli story:
I went to visit Eli's teacher yesterday to get his homework so he didn't get too far behind.
She said, "Eli was finished with his work last week...and he was reading a book. A few of the students would have questions about the work...so, one by one I would suggest that they go talk to Eli and he could help them out. Well...she said that after about the third child came over...he closed his book and said, "I'm trying to read...why do you guys keep coming over here!"

She laughed so hard. She had to pull Eli aside and explain to him why the kids were coming over to him and asked if he would be a helper in the class when kids had problems understanding something.

That just cracks me up...because Eli is SERIOUS about his reading...and I can just see his face. Looking over the lenses of his glasses and all....
that kiddo!

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Grandma Susie said...

Very cute Eli story . . . I can see it clearly in my mind. The Isaac video just made me smile - I think he is a little doll playing with you and the shoes and seems to know what NO,NO,NO means.

Now about that little run you made to and from Meineke . . .your poor feet! I hope your car is now fixed and you don't have to succumb to outdoor exercise again. That desert heat can cause all kinds of havoc to our delicate skin but I still miss it!

Lee Family said...

I love the story about Eli, he is so cute.

You should have called me I would have taken you to the Shop. Next time call me.

Sarah said...

Love that Eli story... I'm a serious reader too! Dang... let the kid read already. LOL.
Isaac and his shoes...

The Portas said...

Awwww, I love this post! (minus your hurting feet, of course.) Isaac is such a sweetie, giving you his beautiful smile as he tries to munch on shoes. :) And Eli, what a sweet, smart boy! I can picture him peering over his book like, ugh! what now?!

Your car/brakes story sounds like something that would happen to me for sure. I hope your feet are feeling better!!

Eli, are you feeling better yet??

Wendy said...

But Isaac has so much fun eating those shoes! :) His little smile just makes me melt....what a sweethart!

Poor Eli, can't even get a few minutes of peace to read his book in school!!! ha! Too funny!!!

Kathy...seriously, I'm surprised the soles of your shoes didn't melt in that heat! They would've found me on the side of the road dying from heat exhaustion!!! I'm glad you survived....you're a better woman than me!

Hope you have a great Labor Day weekend, and that everyone is healthy!


Wendy (& Emma, too!)

Vanessa said...

Isaac is too cute! I could just eat him up. :)

Now why in the world would you walk that far in this HEAT?!?! I don't even like going to my mailbox. lol!

I just love how Eli is going to be the class helper. You have a smart little guy on your hands.