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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Well...we had our cardiology appointment today and Isaac's leak
is EXACTLY the same! yep...he's a 6 (from 1-10). SO...no immediate
danger and need for surgery!!! His right ventricle is enlarged (almost twice it's size)..
but, that didn't seem concerning (I guess it goes along with the defect). He
has some narrowing in his pulmonary valve...but, nothing to act on just yet.
His EKG was normal (for him)...only showing a high heart rate of 165 (while
sitting perfectly still...NOT crying). hmm...
So, we have the holter monitor for the night.
He is enjoying eating it...
little stickies all over his chest and belly...
I can't keep his little hands off of them!
he's getting grumpy...
oh wait...he just wanted the camera strap
(i knew that)
So...thank goodness( well, not really)..but, he had one of his episodes tonight where he wakes up from a sleep (abruptly) screaming bloody murder. I plugged in the sat monitor, he desats into the low 80s (because he's screaming so hard)...his heart rate didn't get too high...but, it's these episodes that he does off and on...and I just don't know if it's heart related or not...anyway...glad it's on the monitor tonight for them to look at.

We doubled his Enalapril (blood pressure meds)..hmmm...I didn't get an explanation...maybe just because he weighs a little more. (I hope). It was so great to see my favorite nurses and our wonderful card...just makes me happy to report good news!

AND....I hope no one cancels...BUT, we SHOULD get fitted for our old man walker tomorrow.
YEAH...I can just see him now...chasing the boys...I will be a crying fool!

Eli got "Beatty's Best" at school today. That means he was like the "student of the month". He just smiles...because he gets picked every year. This will be the THIRD picture of him holding his award on our fridge. Yeah for Eli.

Chris has a sub in geometry this week...oh, we're never going to get ahead!

and that's all I can say...because if I can't say anything nice....I shouldn't say anything at all.
(but, i'm thinking things....if only you could read my mind)

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crabby old man said...

Thanks for sharing

The Portas said...

That is a good card report for now. I'm glad he's wearing the holter so the doctor can see what's going on during the screaming episode. Maybe he's just calling across the country to Elijah! I bet that's it!

Yay Eli!! Way to go!

Dan is subbing in the high school near our house this week. Chris would love having him as a sub!

Have a good day! Kathy, what un-nice things are you thinking?? :)

Wendy said...

Hi Kathy,

So glad to hear that you got a good report from cardiology! What a huge relief! Hope things are fine with Isaac's holter monitor results, too. I'm amazed that you can get him to leave that on! :)

A walker....how exciting! Those big brothers better watch out! I remember us tripping all over Emma's when she finally got the hang of it! :)

Take care and give that sweet little boy a big hug from us! He's such a cutie!!


Wendy (& Emma, too!)

jencooper said...

Woohoo for a good report!! I love those. I am sure it is the weight on the Enalapril. They said it would be awhile before we had to increase Gracie's dosage because she doesn't ever gain weight.

Way to go Eli! I am so proud of you!

Chris....be nice to subs. Us teachers have it hard!

I am also curious to the not nice things...


Sarah said...

Yeah for a good report! That is awesome!

cindy said...

Yay for no change! That's always my biggest wish at each appt, too. I think we learn to accept that it won't magically get better, but please don't let it have gotten any worse!

Are you having as much fun with sophomore year as I am? I think it's causing me to turn crazier than I already am!! ;)

Way to go, Eli!!!
Give that sweet boy a big hug from us!

Love ya!


Vanessa said...

I'm so glad you got a good report from cardiology! Keep it up Isaac!