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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Isaac started off his day with his dork glasses on...
and his leg braces were on.
THEN, I noticed this:
one missing leg brace.
(now...how in the world did he wiggle out of that?)
I know that he appears slightly intoxicated in this pic...
and look at that messy shirt.
He isn't eating by mouth very well lately...
all the food just falls out the side of his mouth
(but...I'm still trying each day)
And...Isaac has MAD skills.
look...no hands!
STILL watching television on the poop tv..
but, Isaac loves it!
(the towel covers the wood that he's STILL trying to eat)...
and he can watch tv, eat the duck, and play with the
ball with his feet!
He'll totally be able to put "multi-tasker" on his resume!
and this afternoon...
the weather was heavenly..
I'll share those pics tomorrow...
but, here's a sneak peak!
Our day actually started last night..
I took Chris and his friend to Play N Trade to pick up the new Halo game..that they HAD to have! So, this morning, those guys decided to wake up at 5am and meet up online to play their new game together. (so sweet). Then, it was time to rush him to get ready for seminary...and I started Isaac's feeds...and went back to bed.

Eli and I headed out to school and then Isaac and I made a quick run to Walgreens to grab some deals.

I spent the remainder of the day procrastinating on sewing. I've sewn at least 100 tutus this week...oh, my back can hardly stand it~
(because each one takes about an hour)

We made an appointment for Isaac to see the eye doc next week...and an appointment for a dermatology visit (about the never ending rashes).

Tomorrow, we're headed to Old Navy (you know that their clearance racks are an ADDITIONAL 50% off--did you know that?) yep...until Friday.
Do I NEED any clothes? Nope...but, shopping is better than eating...so, I'll go spend a little and save some calories.
(that's my thought anyway)

darn it...i'd better quit yapping and take my lazy bum up to the sewing room.
so many good shows are on now..my dvr is almost full!

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The Portas said...

About the food falling out of the mouth.. One thing E's speech therapist focuses on a lot is strengthening the muscles in his mouth. We have this little rubber straw thingy that she has him bite on a lot that supposedly really helps the muscles surrounding the mouth. Also, we play a lot of games with him that involve puckering his lips because that helps too.

It looks like Isaac likes grass (or fake grass) about as much as Elijah does! That is exactly what E does when we set him on grass. He pulls up his knees and rests on one heel.

You are the tutu queen!! Wow! Thanks for the Old Navy heads up. Maybe I'll head there over lunch sometime this week.

Have a good day! Thanks for posting cutie pics! xo

Sarah said...

Love that picture of Isaac in the grass! Can't wait to see more!

carolinamomma said...

Hey lady! It sounds like you're SUPER busy right now with all of that sewing! Are you planning on posting any on your etsy page? If so, I'll have to take a peek! :) Isaac is such a handsome little man and I'm amazed at how much bigger he is! He's going to be walking so soon - look at him trying to stand by himself! I love it!!!! I hope that you all are doing well!
Love, Lee Ann