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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Let me introduce you to the
Toto Neorest 600

The lid automatically opens as you approach, closes and automatically flushes as you walk away. The seat warms. It plays the music of your choice. It cleans your bottom...and then...it dries your bottom when it's finished cleaning it! It has a nite light so you can see where to go. It's perfect.

After hard days...no sleep...taking care of sick kid after sick kid. Wiping bum after bum...cleaning toilets because my boys have bad aim....I have found a little piece of Heaven here on Earth.

So...after much consideration...I would like to purchase a toilet that only costs $3,500 (and I need three of them please). Joe might not like the sound of that...but, really...would he rather hear me nagging about the boys...or would he like to hear music coming from the bathroom? Wouldn't he like his toilet to open up to greet him each morning???

really...what could be better??

You know that I would NOT pay that much for a toilet. BUT...if they want to send me one for free because I just LOVE it...I would gladly sit on that throne ALL DAY LONG!

Ok...ok...onto the boys. Isaac is fine. No fever, cough...nothing. Just whining alot. He wants me to hold him ALL DAY LONG (and I'd rather be sitting on that toilet all day long!). Eli missed another day of school. That would be FOUR days in school....THREE days missed. We'll see how he feels tomorrow. He's just got the most horrible, junky cough. Chris had an activity tonight at church...came home covered in oil and chocolate?? (slip and slide softball...or so he said)

and to top off another night of no sleep because of my sick kiddo.....MY BIG screen tv is busted. I don't know what to do with myself . Watch tv on a 19"screen...urrhghhh?
Well....that's what we're going to do. Joe, Isaac, and I are getting ready to start Isaac's last feed, snuggle in the guestroom bed...and watch a little tv (and I mean short amount on a little screen).


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Mandy said...

That's it. Tomorrow I'm bringing over the 60" from my living room. It's flat and easy to pick up so we should be fine moving it all around. :)

I'm glad Eli hasn't gotten Isaac too sick. And Chris with oil and chocolate.....

Alright, have fun watching your little tv tonight and tell Joe it will be better tomorrow. Besides, Isaac needs a big TV to watch Yo Gabba Gabba on. :)

Vanessa said...

Now thats a toilet!

I'm so glad Isaac is doing so well. Now he needs to tell Eli how to get over it.

Oh and welcome to my world of watching tv on a small tv...it sucks!! One day I'll be able to afford a bigger tv...one day..


Vanessa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Grandma Judy said...

Is Isaac going to be able to focus on a smaller tv?

Wendy said...

Hi Kathy,

I hope the kids get totally better very soon! And I hope you're able to get a break from all of the "cleaning up" duty!!!

Sounds like you're going to need a new TV soon. We just had to buy a new one for our bedroom because little Miss Emma decided to stick crayons, one by one, into a little hole on our old one, and for some odd reason it stopped working! Don took it apart to see if he could fix it, and there was melted wax all over the circuit board....along with a DS stylus, a pencil, and about 16 crayons!!! (Her OT will be so impressed with her fine motor skills!) We got a flat screen for the wall....now she can't reach it! :)

So I'd go for the TV over the toilet....although the toilet IS very cool, Isaac definitely needs his TV! (And we definitely needed one for Emma because she can't fall asleep without melatonin AND the Disney channel!) :)

Take care! I hope Eli is able to get back to school soon. Give Issac a hug from us!


Wendy (& Emma, too!)

The Portas said...

I think Dan would never come out of the bathroom if we had a toilet like that. Me? I don't make relationships with my toilets. I like them quiet and simple! :)

Soo so sorry to hear about sick Eli and the broken tv. :(