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Monday, April 27, 2009

Here's Mr. Isaac...
ready to get to work on updating the blog and 
checking on his friends.

He's just an angel!
Here's Mr. Isaac just chillin' in his crib while I clean my room.
I said I'm ready to get out NOW!

I've been thinking tonight:

Joe and I need a vacation.  
I think we've been on "lock down" for three years now (from pregnacy until now).  
I think the bags under my eyes are permanent. 
I'm so afraid that the water will evaporate from around Hawaii before I get a chance to visit.  
I think that Isaac is going to break my back, and then WHO's going to carry his heffalump bum around??  
I think that Chris and this Algebra class are going to put me in an early grave.
I think that Eli will grow old and never know what a vegetable tastes like (not even corn..seriously).
I think that Joe will be home close to midnight...and that makes me sad.
I think that he will be surprised that I cleaned our room...you can see the floor!
I think that our dog will be given up for adoption if she poops on my floor again (I stepped in it this morning!)
I think that I LOVE walking in the morning with my neighbor, but I am SO out of shape (and I have a big fat blister on my foot now).

I think that I could not be more in love with my little boys and my hubby....

**OK...I'm not sad...just tired.  I'm trying to stay up and wait for Joe...but, I don't think I'm going to make it!  AND...I sent Many to KFC today with FOUR kids to get our free chicken.  AND...she came back with a bucket full!!! YEAH for Mandy!

**Heart moms--I just got this email.  This is why I had to stop giving Isaac Reglan.  He looked like he was having seizures, his eyes would shutter and roll into the back of his head...and no one knew what was going on...even when I showed docs and nurses.  CRAZY!  Look HERE!
(how do you think they found my email address...I mean, it's posted here..but, are they searching blogs for kids with gi issues??)

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Mandy said...

Thanks for showing off that new computer!! I still want one for my birthday!! :)

And hey, you forgot to tell everyone about the free KFC I took the boys to get today. What's wrong with you??? Stop feeling bad and sorry for yourself. I'll come over and cheer you up tomorrow.

The Portas said...

At your mention of KFC, I suddenly started smelling it (at 8:00 in the morning). I think it's wishful thinking, but yummmy does that sound good.

That is crazy about the Reglan email you got. Crazy that no doctors have ever mentioned this.

Dan and I will be in Vegas over Memorial Day weekend! We are thinking another Circus Circus get-together would be nice?? That is, assuming the swine flu hasn't taken over the world by then.

Have a good day! I hope you got some Joe cuddle time before falling asleep.

Sarah said...

Oh Kathy... I hope you get your Hawaii vacation before the water is gone. My hubby's crazy summer has begun this week and he hasn't been home at all : (
Hugs to you all

jmckeel said...

FINANCIAL COMPENSATION??? I hoped that you filled out the form. That in itself could be a blessing and a vacation! haha Glad to know Mr Isaac is feeling better. Who knew that he could get mad? :) He must have been in that crib for a loooooooong time :) Take care, Abby

Jane said...

Hey Kathy!

Thinking of you and checking in. Isaac looks so cute. I posted some pics on www.ramonamae.com just for you!

You DO need a vacation. Chicago is lovely :) Only for about two months out of the year, but still.

Kelly said...

I'm in LOVE with that last picture! Oh my, he has quite the personality, and it shows!

Hey, that's us up there on that fancy computer! =) We enjoy checking in on you too. What would we do without blogging? Seriously, I didn't know what a blog was when I met you... and now look at us! =) I haven't missed a day in over a year!

Hopefully Joe gets home and takes on you a VACATION this summer! You totally deserve it!

Tina:0) said...

Hopefully you get to Hawaii before you can just drive over (because all the water is gone), although would make it somewhat easier to get to!

Hope you got to spend a little time with Joe?!! I know how you feel with him not making it home until late. I love the weeks that Jon is able to make it home for a couple of hours!

That's very interesting about the reglan. Vaeh was on it for well over a year, but I've never noticed any strange movements. I'll have to keep my eyes out, though.

Sending hugs... & rest!

Pam said...

Hi Kathy,
Oh my gosh that little guy of yours is just too cute! Just wanted to tell you that Jordan our almost 7 year old had uncontrolled movement of her legs and arms while on Reglan. Our GI gave us some warning signs and told us to stop right away if these happened. Jordan looked like she was running a race all night long. It did take us a day or two to figure out it was the reglan. We took her off of it and she had no lasting effects from it. Madison was on it for almost two years with no side affects. So you just have to be careful for sure!
Take care,

hayngrl101 said...

Love your pics. Your boys are so sweet.

Gosh. Reglan. I can't believe it. We were on it for I don't know how long... scary.