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Friday, April 17, 2009

Why don't we start off on a positive note...
how about a little Eli and an "A" honor roll certificate!
Isaac is back on his 02...
not liking it one bit!
here's Isaac a few days before he got sick...
What about this one...
looks like Al Bundy!!!
Mandy saved me this morning and watched Isaac so that I could attend Eli's award ceremony.  Eli was so proud of himself...and so was I!!!

I took Isaac off the O2 today, gave him a good bath....and he seemed to be doing pretty well...until, this afternoon.  He was sleeping and I hooked him up to the sat monitor...and about every 15 minutes he would dip into the mid 80s.  He wouldn't stay there very long...but, stayed about 90-91...so, back the O2 is.  He's very angry with me...sucking his snot every 5 minutes, putting that tube up his nose...poor little thing.  He still has that junky cough.  AND...if that wasn't enough...he's choking, wretching, and throwing up all day.

Eli has a soccer game in the morning....I hope the weather is nice and Isaac is feeling like an outing!

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cindy said...

Come on,little man, feel better! It's the weekend and I'd hate for you to be stuck inside! Sending you big hugs and lots of love!


Lee Family said...

Congradulations Eli good job buddy, I am so proud of you. Keep up the great work.

Get better soon Isaac. Hugs coming your way.

The Portas said...

ELI, YAY!!! That's awesome! I'm so proud! Great job. :)

Isaac, so sorry you are feeling yucky still. Elijah and I will say a special prayer for you tonight, that you heal up quickly and ditch the O2!

Have a good rest of your weekend. xoxo

Rachel said...

Praying for little guy!!! and for mama to get some sleep!

Did we ever find out what the red spots are on his face?