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Monday, April 13, 2009

Mr.  Isaac was up and dancing in his crib at 4:00am this morning!!!  That baby better be glad that I LOVE him!  We ate breakfast at 5am, got Chris off to seminary, kissed Joe off to work...and crawled back into bed by 7am.  I got out at 7:45 (feeling like a truck ran over me)....walked downstairs...and there is my big angel!  Eli is all dressed, shoes on, hair done (even with gel), his backpack is packed, he packed his lunch, and made himself breakfast.  seriously.  Now...in his lunch box he packed:  pringles, jelly beans, and pop tarts.  I decided to add a lunchable and a juice box...but, he did awesome!

On to Isaac....we met with Dr. Mayman today.  Isaac's Right ventricle is enlarged (well, more than it has been)...and we've been watching the leakage from his cadaver valve.  On a scale from 1-10, he's been a 5...now, he's a 6.  darn it.  BUT...Dr. Mayman doesn't need to do an MRI or cath right now...we'll just watch him.  Maybe in 6 months we'll need a cath.  His sats were 93 today...urrghhh....so aggravating!  So, he said we'll need a new valve before he's 5...I've got up to three years to think about that.  ohhh....I'll take it!

Chris had a church dance this weekend.  I sometimes can't believe how big he is now...he has armpit hair!  When did that happen??? (I tried to take a pic for you...but, he wouldn't let me)

Did you know that Isaac's favorite song is "you are my sunshine"??  His little face just lights up when we sing it.  Here's a little video of Eli singing it to Isaac (It's sooo close up because they were both sitting in my lap)

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Mandy said...

You just wait. Eli is singing you are my sunshine now but as soon as he knows all the words to Right Round he'll be singing that!! :)

Vanessa said...

That was the sweetest video. Eli is such an awesome big brother.

I just have to celebrate the fact that it's been a whole year without anything done for Isaacs heart! YAAAHHOOOO!!! Glad to hear he won't need anything for another 6 months.

You know what Arianna has been satting in the low 90's the past few days as well. I was not very happy to see that. So you know I'm all worried about her heart and still have to wait until August to see the doc. Oh these kids are going to give me grey hairs.

Sarah said...

Awwwhhhh... how adorable.

The Portas said...

What a sweet big brother! I love that. :)

How funny. Isaac and Elijah both had card appointments yesterday and both need heart caths in 6 mos! It looks like we'll be heading back to the OR before you, though, unfortunately. Yucky OR.

Well, you all take care of each other, and have a good, healthy week.

The things Eli packed for his lunch... :)

Andrea said...

I don't know how you do it Kathy! I would be so exhausted I couldn't function! How sweet is Eli! I bet you are so proud of him! And singing to his little brother, what a sweet boy! Sorry to hear that Isaac's valve is leaking more...I hope he's all the way to five before he needs to have another surgery. And you talking about Chris's armpit hair made me laugh out loud. He's going to kill you if he reads this blog!

Lee Family said...

That is the sweetest video, Eli is such a sweet brother. Glad to hea everything is ok with Isaac. At least you have 3 more years before his next Heart Surgery that is great news.

Hollie said...

That video just brought a smile to my face! What sweet boys! I'm glad that your cardiologist appointment went as well as it did. At least there isn't anything critical, right? I hope you were able to get some sleep! You're such an awesome mama!

Deal Fanatic said...

Ahhhh, I didn't know that was his favorite song. It's our favorite song too! We sing it every night and Kaylee sometimes in the morning if she's thinking about it. Now that I know...we will have to grace you with our squeaky voices ;-)

jencooper said...

So sweet. That video just melts my heart!! He is adorable....I loved the way that he looked at Eli.

Sorry that he is such an active boy! Silly goose!!

Sorry to hear about the lower sats. Boo..... Yea for 6 months!! That is good news.


Tina:0) said...

What a bunch of cuties you have!! Sounds like Gabby & Eli are alike... she likes to sing to Vaeh, too!

Boo for the more enlarged RV & leakage, but yay that Mr. Isaac doesn't need anything for another 6 months!

Sending hugs from all of us!

Mami Adame said...

Ok seriously first u cracked me up with the comment about Chris's armpit hair- poor guy! But then you made me get tears in my eyes with the video! It was sooooo sweet! I love those moments!

cindy said...

I am way behind and trying to catch up. You Roller people have WAY too much action going on all the time for me to keep up these days! I am in love with that video and am going to watch it whenever I'm having a bad day. It made me smile. Jacob loves that song, too...especially when Steph sings it to him. I just love the bonds these kids have with their sweet baby brothers!

Love ya!