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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Here's some of my nieces and nephews that
were here this week:
(Chris is hiding out with his friends)

hi Isaac!
He just smiles for the camera now...
i love it!

What can I say??  The big boys are enjoying their spring break.  Although we aren't traveling out of town on a grand vacation...they're having a blast spending the night with friends, having friends spend the night here...staying up super late, eating WAY too much junk, playing way too many video games....just enjoying themselves.  Sad news to share though.....Charlie, Eli's fish, died.  He's lived almost two years...what a fish.  Eli did a great job taking care of him...so, we told him that we'd go out this weekend and find him a new one.  He said that he'd rather have a lizard!  yikes....I don't know about that one...but, we'll see. (his puppy dog eyes have a way with me).  He asked me if we had a coupon for a lizard (my little angel!).

Isaac is super as always.  Just rolling around like a madman....smiling.

OK....I've got an insurance question.  A SERIOUS ONE:
We're still paying for Cobra for our family insurance ($1200 a month).  I just got a letter that it's over 6/30/09.  SO, I go ahead and call BCBS today and ask for a quote for a private pay policy.  They told me that Isaac will be uninsurable.  NOW, I was told last year to use Cobra the full 18 months, and then BCBS will have to sell us a policy...but, how true is that??  I don't want to be without insurance for not even one day with him...he's too darn expensive!  We don't get insurance through Joe's job because it's $800 a month for HMO type coverage (that covers only half of Isaac's specialists).   So, if Joe were to lose that job, we'd be paying crazy expensive Cobra on crap insurance.  Our BCBS insurance is awesome.  I've loved them....up until today.   I even asked them if they would explain to me what happens with the Hippa laws after Cobra is over, and they told me NO.   seriously.

I just need to know how to keep my baby covered.  I guess I can find a job working nights or weekends...and I get us covered.   But....ah...when would I sleep??  I'm the nurse, taxi, housekeeper, and mom during the day (and a wife when I'm feeling up to it).  Maybe I'll post my resume:

Kathy R.
BSBA in Finance (concentration in Investing and Banking)
hasn't had an office job since 2002--because my sugar daddy takes care of me
i like to be the boss
i don't like to hurt other people's feelings, so I can't be in charge of telling others what to do
i don't smoke...but, take pee breaks like a smoker takes smoking breaks
could i bring my baby to work, spray everyone down with lysol, and ask that no one breathe 
and i'd like the opportunity to volunteer at Eli's school once in a while
and I pick the high schooler's up from school at 1:00, so a long lunch please
and don't yell at me, it will hurt my feelings and make me cry
and i have a horrible memory..but, i write everything down (but, then forget where I put it)

(maybe i should tweek it a little...huh?)

Thanks for any info you can shoot my way!  I think I'm stressing Joe out about it...but, I sure don't want to spring this all on him the day before we're out of insurance.

Thanks for checking on us!

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Lee Family said...

Thanks for having us over we had alot of fun playing, the girls will have to come back again they had a blast and love it at your house. You are such a sweetie Kathy.

Amber said...

Every state has a form of coverage for children with special needs...ours is called Children's Special Healthcare Services. *this is NOT medicaid* There are also waivers for all sorts of coverage. Have you looked into these already? If not...I would ask your early intervention providers...in our state, they assist you in obtaining the paper work and applying. *probably because most people can't find it*
Most of them either have no income restrictions or the parameters are very large. *just in case you have more money than you know what to do with* :0)
Those are my thoughts and...what a headache!

Terri and Fam said...

As many other families have stated, you can get an SSI waiver. It will allow you to use medicaid it sounds horrible but will give you the right to choose. It was very similar to our BC/BS insurance we had as our son Corbin was on it. It is sometimes hard to navigate the system but I know you can do it.

Unfortunately pre- exsisting conditions are the big hitch. There is talk of the insurance companies dropping that red flad and insuring those conditions. Wouldn't that be great!

Terri and Fam said...

Here is Nevada's Health Care for Children's Website


Sarah said...

I don't have any great information. Sounds like your HMO is nothing like ours. I have HMO through my job and it covers everything, every Dr., no hastle. It's been wonderful to us. I'll say a prayer.
(Did you get your lady bug card? Made me think of you and your lady bug tutu!)

The Portas said...

Early intervention, at least in our state, is very helpful with finding answers to insurance issues. I would check with them. Yuck, I hate that you are having to worry about this right now. It is good to figure it out ahead of time, though, so way to be on top of it!

I love your resume. I'd hire you!

Eli asking if you have a coupon for lizards... this had me in a fit of laughter! :)

Have a great weekend! xo

Samantha said...

Phew...I just got all caught up :)

First...as far as I know on insurance, which is not much, is this. a) DO NOT ever let a gap of insurance happen...if you let one day go where Isaac is not covered, he WILL NOT be insurable...most companies would never insure if there is a gap b) AS LONG as there has been NO GAP in insurance, there is no such thing as pre-existing which means he is covered no matter what.

Now, I have no idea if any of that helps you, but that is all I know :)

As for the music censorship you discussed earlier, I had to laugh about that...my Noah's favorite song (which I was okay with til I really listened to it) is Pink's So What. He likes the "We are all going to get in a fight" part, but there is a bunch in there that a 6 year old should not be hearing...BAD ME! Oh well, if I want to listen to my music, I guess I will be a bad influence mommy :)

Sorry I have been away for so long...I am trying but not doing really well :(

Much love,

Andrea said...

I love your resume Kathy! I wish everyone would be so honest! I didn't want anyone to yell at me at work either, I don't like crying in front of people!

I don't know what to say about the insurance, but I feel your stress about it. It sounds like some other mom's have given you some good advice, so I will just pray that you are able to figure out what will work best for your family.

Have a good weekend!

Kelly said...

I LOVE your humor. I'm glad you're always positive even with yucky situations.

hayngrl101 said...

You're hired! And I'll pay you a million bucks! And there's great benefits!!

Seriously, check into your state program for medical waiver- Katie Beckett- start now, and your service coordinator should be able to ensure a smooth transition.

FWIW, only once did we have a Gap in our coverage. It was freaky but medicaid picked up and we've never had a gap since, even with switching private insurance vs. state... the state's coverage (Katie Beckett in our state) is supplemental if we don't have private coverage. I wonder if your supplemental insurance will kick in as primary once the Cobra ends. Just a few thoughts.

crabby old man said...

I do not know any ifo. about insurance,& but tell Eli I'll cut him a coupon for a snake.
pray that U get the insurance
thing worked out.

Tina:0) said...

Get a 'Certificate of Credible Coverage' from the current insurance (cobra) that's covering him. As long as you have that (from my understanding) they can't deny Isaac coverage.

Hope you all have a good weekend & you find some answers about the insurance stuff:0)

Vanessa said...

I wish I could give you some information but I don't know a thing about insurance. I was watching something on Oprah about losing insurance and filing some kind of form to keep you covered for 9 months. Okay, that is not helpful but that's the best I got.