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Monday, April 20, 2009

Let me just say...


when will you EVER let your poor mama sleep??  


Isaac still has the junky cough, runny nose, goopy ears....GEEZ LOUISE.!  But, we do go and see the new ENT tomorrow.  He will probably confirm that one tube is out and want to schedule the procedure.  Well...I don't want my babydoll to have ANOTHER stinkin' procedure.  Maybe I could just shove a staw in his ear??

Eli has thrown up every 30 minutes for the past five hours. Needless to say...I think we're sleeping downstairs in the living room near the kitchen and all the supplies needed to keep cleaning him and his area.

Chris...wants liberty spikes.  (crazy mohawk).  Tomorrow (if Eli gets better), I'm taking my sweet Chris to get a haircut.  a mohawk.  So, that we can then spike the top.  We actually practiced tonight...and he LOVED it!  He told me that he wanted to wear his church shirt, tie, with jeans to school when he gets his "new do".  I said, "why a church shirt"?  He said, "so that I look legit and cool!" I said, "what...too legit to quit"??  He said, "yeah...that'll be my new slogan--too legit to quit!"  and he actually new that MC Hammer sang that song.

got all that:
Eli--sick and STILL throwing up
Chris--getting mohawk
kathy--not sleeping

the end....

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Vanessa said...

Bless your heart. You need a nanny to help you.

I almost had to pull the O2 out for Arianna the other night. She was dipping in the mid 80's while sleeping and she isn't even sick. I've monitored her sats lately and sometimes she is between 92-95 during the day. What is going on? She is not sick, no cough, nothing....I'm beginning to wonder if it's her heart. We don't see cardiology until August. AGH! OKay, sorry I went off there, I just know you deal with Isaac's fluctuating sats as well sometimes.

I hope little man gets better soon. No fun being on the O2 after he hasn't had it in such a long time. I'll check back tomorrow to see how the ENT appointment goes.

Hopefully your resting by now.

The Portas said...

Oh, you guys!! You be good to your mama, and let her get some sleep! Kathy, your poor men. I wish I was closer. I'd make you lock yourself in your bedroom while I helped out with the sickies.

I hope everything gets sorted out soon and that MAMA can get some good sleep! Can't wait to see pics of the mohawk. :)


Grandma Susie said...

PLEASE send us a picture of Chris' new haircut . . . I can't even imagine.
So sorry that Eli and Isaac are sick, don't they know it's almost summer and the fun is about to begin?