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Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm busy getting coupons tonight from Old Navy...

if you didn't get on...or don't know how...just email me if you want one.

so far....there's 40% off (but, you have to get an old navy card)
and there's a 30% off..

but, i'm staying up late to play!!!

isaac is still a yucky butt...now, he has a rash on the side of his head, goopy ears, junky cough, flowing nose...and he's satting low 90s - high 80s...so, he's go the O2 back up his nose!

good think joe's working late...i'm totally using his super-fly-fast computer!

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Rachel said...

ME ME ME....

I do have an Old Navy Card! Do i have to shop on line or can i go into the store?

Send me the info, as I plan to go shopping agian this weekend for more shorts and shirts.


Rachel said...

PS....how do I get a tutu for Melana?

The Portas said...

Old Navy coupon, I want one!

Praying for an icky-free weekend for the little cutie.

Ok, headed into meeting now, don't be too jealous..

Dina said...

Ok me too - I love me an Old Navy bargain.

I hope Isaac starts feeling better soon.

If we lived closer I would totally have Mikayla tutor Chris in math - or my dear hubby Russ, the math teacher that he is. Maybe through web cam?? Ha!


Lee Family said...

I have not heard from in awhile were are you.....

Sorry to hear his sats are low, I know what you mean about staying up late you get scraed when they get sick like this.
If you need anything this weekend call me.