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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

These pics were taken at 10pm....
who's a happy baby??
oh my gosh...
I could just gobble him up!!!

seriously...could he be any happier??

I think those pictures speak for themselves...he's one happy little man! Still the snot monster...but, he doesn't let that pull him down. This little angel makes everything else in our world seem irrelevant...when he's happy...what else matters?? Nothing. He's taught us all what really matters in life...and I'm going to make sure he's happy each and everyday (and don't tell Chris..but, if he makes a C in Algebra, I probably won't even care...)shhhh....

I don't pick favorites...I'd love to show you pics of the other boys....but, Eli's spending the night at Mandy's house and Chris is hiding out in his room. So, it's just Isaac and I burning the midnight oil!

I just typed this long rant and deleted it. Here it is in an outline:

Wouldn't it make sense instead of this stupid stimulus package (that will take months and years to filter through)....if the President instead, used that money to help all the banks refinance ALL mortgages to current market value. Ban second mortgages for a few years. Putting people in homes that they could afford, instead of forcing them to lose everything. I think that everyone would even approve of a tax increase, if it meant everyone would have the opportunity to keep their house. (and use that increased tax revenue to help fund the mortgage re-writes)
it's pretty simple.
I'm not a rocket scientist...just a finance major in college (that happened to be a party school)
BUT, if the housing market were fixed...wouldn't that be the stepping stone to jump starting the economy??

or...maybe jet setting across the country and just talking about it will help fix things?

just my two cents.

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Grandma Susie said...

Adorable!!! He looks so happy . . . and no wonder . . . your a great Mom Kathy. Love you all.

The Portas said...

Look at your happy boy! I could gobble up that cuteness. Good job keeping your awesome little family so happy. Have a great day today! xo

Grandma Judy said...

Mr Isaac, Come on to Grandma's house. We can stay up ALL NIGHT and sleep all day!

Pam said...

Love that smiling face! What a ray of sunshine. I bet you enjoy every minute of it.
Hey I saw where you posted on Angelinas site and said that Isacc has never been on anibiotics. Madison also has very low t-cells, not near the low end of normal and she has been on Bactrim since she was about 2 months old! Whats up with your immunologist?
Enjoy your day,

crabby old man said...

Thanks for stopping by My Humble Blog.My is boreing compared to your's.
Thanks for shareing Your family with Me.

Tina:0) said...

What a ham!!! Such a cutie pie - I think I'll compete with you on gobbling him up! (LoL)

Mami Adame said...

He is definitely one cute happy little man!