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Monday, April 20, 2009

Sweet Tasha came out to soccer practice tonight and
took the team pictures...
and a few of Isaac..
that's me...getting some lovin' from my baby..

Hi Mr. Isaac..
with the cotton ball in your ear!

Eli got a faux-hawk today...

Doesn't he look like he means business!?!?

and here's my nephew Seth...
he's thinking about his next move.
Mr. ELI was UP all night throwing up. I think he finally finished about 4am. Whoo...I was pooped today. Eli didn't go to school, he hasn't eatten much today. I hope that he gets a good night's sleep and feels better tomorrow.

Isaac went to see the ENT. He COULD see the tubes and said that they were working. But, he did have lots of fluid in them...so, he suctioned it out, and gave us more drops for two weeks. Then, we go back to make sure the fluid cleared up.

Chris...got his mohawk today. I DO NOT have pics yet...it looks a little dumb. Tomorrow morning, we're waking up super early to do the liberty spikes with it. So, I'll take pics in the morning. Just imagine...my young man with his long locks....now, has the sides of his head shaved and long locks only down the middle. I don't know how long I'll be able to look at that head....but, I'm keeping an open mind.

Your funny story for the day:
This actually started on Saturday. A soccer mom at the game came up to Joe and said,
soccer mom--"are you Eli's dad?"
soccer mom--"Well, I graded the kids papers on Friday, and Eli wrote all about you. My fat daddy works in an office. My fat daddy got caught by the police. My fat daddy cried......etc.
Every sentence started with MY FAT DADDY" Is that what he calls you?
Joe--"yes...that's what he calls me"

Fast forward to today.
Joe actually gets a speeding ticket.
Eli overhears us on the phone and said, "OH MY GOSH....my sentences came true. Fat daddy got caught by the police and fat daddy cried!"

You should have seen the look on his face!

So, tonight...Joe asked Eli if he could write different sentences this week.

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Mandy said...

Thanks Tasha for taking the pics. The kids are going to love them.

Kat, please make sure Eli doesn't write any sentences about me. If he does, I'm not going to be the nanny anymore!!!!

The Portas said...

The pic of Isaac with the sun shining through his hair is AWESOME! Look at those handsome boys. I want to see Chris' mohawk!!!

The fat daddy story is super funny. Eli..you crack me up.

I hope you ALL feel much better today! Oh, and thanks for the coupons! Dan's sister and mom are using one and I am using the other today over lunch. Can't wait!!

mina said...

Your boys are so handsome!

Grandma Susie said...

Love the pics of the boys. Especially Isaac enjoying that great Las Vegas Sunshine! I miss it.

Let Eli know that his Fat Daddy's momma is gonna call and chat with him about the power of "positive talk" . . . (and like Mandy, I hope he doesn't write anything about any of the rest of us) until I can sell him on the idea! LOL

Sarah said...

That is so funny... Fat Daddy... No telling what our kids tell their teachers - or stories they make up about us. I Love the pictures - esp. that 1st one of you and Isaac. Mohawk.. can't wait to see pics.

Tina:0) said...

So, if Eli is writing "premonissions" maybe you should coach him on writing about "Fat Daddy winning the lottery!" LoL - wouldn't that be a whoot!!

Hope Mr. Isaac's ears clear up soon - poor thing:0( Doesn't sound like much fun.

Can't wait to see the pics of Chris' mohawk!!

kc'sbunch said...

Kathy, I just attempted to get updated on your blog, but I haven't been reading much so I didn't quite finish! I am excited to see Chris and his hair cut. I hope he did well on his test. He seemed more prepared and rightfully confident than I have ever seen him before! Your kiddos are adorable, and thank Joe for coming to choir practice, he gives the men something to shoot for, and he is SO funny that we all keep coming just to hear his jokes

T n T - K n K said...

OMG...that little Eli..I just about busted a gut reading this. My kids love it when I read your blog because I always laugh.
It was my pleasure taking those cute little ones pictures. I just hope they come out ok.