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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Here's sir Isaac yesterday...
He knows how to rock an O2 tube...
doesn't he??
although...it must tickle his nose a little!
here's Sir Isaac striking a pose today.
Feeling so much better.

Isaac finished throwing up about midnight...and slept pretty good all night.  I just gave him pedialyte all day until about 6pm, then I started mixing a little milk with it...and he's done GREAT!  No wretching, I was able to take the O2 off of him....he's just amazing!

Our SUPER dev. specialist and the sweet vision specialist from early interventions came today. Isaac was a little bit of a grump...BUT, they are putting in a request for AT equipment.  That would be "assistive technology"..  HOW COOL IS THAT?   Ok, would you like to know WHAT that is.  Well, Isaac is still a LONG way from talking or even signing yet.  But, he does know how to press buttons now.  So, they're going to evaluate him to see if there's a device that he can learn to use to learn how to communicate with me.  Like, pressing this red button that says, "Yo gabba gabba" when he wants the tv on.  Seriously, this is an answer to our prayers.  I can't wait!!!  This is almost more exciting than leg braces and a baby walker!!!!

Eli--I let him sleep in a little this morning.  I took him to school an hour late...and he did great. He didn't throw up...and he's eating a little more today.

Chris--LOVES his new hair!  I think he's getting mixed reviews...but, the majority like it.  He washed it again tonight...so, it'll be an earlier morning tomorrow to help him spike it back up!

oh look...it's 9:30, and my man is rolling into the garage.  
I better get off his computer!

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Mandy said...

Good job Isaac. You're such a big boy. Sorry I couldn't come play today but I had to play with doctors today also. (Maybe tomorrow.)

Vanessa said...

Isaac is such a handsome little man. He is growing up so fast. I'm glad he is doing better and off the O2. Arianna seems to be satting at 94 which is better but still not where I want it.

I'm glad Eli was able to make it to school. Hope he is a 100% by tomorrow.

Chris, well he's one brave soul. I bet all the kids just freaked when he showed up with his new hair do. :)

Grandma Susie said...

So good to hear that Isaac is doing better and Eli too!!! And great news about the assistive technology . . . that really is exciting! I'll bet that once Isaac begins to see results for communicating what he wants, his overall learning will rapidly increase. Once you get him going on it . . . I wanna come play.

The Portas said...

I'm sooo glad your boys are feeling better. Isaac looks like such a big boy sitting there with his glasses on and his sweet smile.

The AT thing is great!! We are starting something similar with Elijah (not electronic, but with pictures) that I'm really excited about. I will bet the AT will do wonders for Isaac and his communicating. YAYYY!!

Have a good, healthy day!! xo

Tina:0) said...

Yay for feeling better! & yes, he does rock the O2 tube! Those glasses are just too darn cute on him, too!

Glad that everyone is starting to feel better! Time to get the germs out of the neighborhood for a LONG time!

Rachel said...

That is awesome...I hope he gets it.

jmckeel said...

I'm glad your feeling better Isaac. That oxygen tube looks a little funny; I've gotten used to you not wearing it! You look like a big boy sitting up :)