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Monday, April 06, 2009

Just wanted to show off some stuff today...
got it all FREE..
that spells FREE!
yep...go HERE and visit often!
after shopping, it was time to feed Isaac.
He's still only eating in the bouncy seat.
He also needs the pacifier sometimes to help him swallow.
He looks so sad...doesn't he??
This is why...
this is what he does to help him swallow sometimes...
he arches his back and lets gravity swallow the food for him.
My little man will figure out how to eat one day...
for now...I'm still eating enough for both of us.
and...did you notice the shorts???  Yep...it's LOVELY weather here.  My favorite time of the year.  He's still Mr. Snotty...what gives...he's been on antibiotics since Thursday??

Now...I need to tell you about Eli.  Let me preface this story with a back story.  A few years ago, Eli and Seth (my nephew) were in the car.  Eli was singing, "Follow the prophet, follow the prophet....".  I was so proud of him.  Then, Seth started singing, "my humps, my humps...my lovely lady lumps."  I just giggled.  My kiddo was singing the nice church song and my nephew was the wild one.

Fast forward to this weekend.  We were all in the van going somewhere and Chris asked us to hook his ipod up to the car speakers and he picked a song to play.  THEN, I'm listening to a song, good beat, would sound good in a club to dance to (if only I was that young again)....and then I REALLY listened to the words.  HOLY COW!  I said, "Joe...are they talking about what I think they're talking about??"  uh huh.....  Then, Eli starts singing as loud as he can, "you spin my head right round, right round...when you go down...when you go down town...."
WHAT?!?!?   Not only is he singing a song grammatically incorrect...but, it's inferring things that NO 6 year old should be singing.  Chris is just sitting in the back smiling and singing along.  
I've been a BAD mom about censoring music I guess...
Chris is growing up way too fast...and Eli is just a budding little singer.  (I'll pull out the hymn book!)

other than that...nothing much going on.  Joe got in about 10 tonight...he's up in bed, Isaac is asleep here in the living room getting his last feed, Chris and his friend are up in the game room and Eli and Seth are in their room watching tv....and the dog is asleep in her bed.  
Who's got MAD skills???

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The Portas said...

I listened to the lyrics of that song the other day, too, and about died! They play this on the radio??? Ugh! It does have a good beat, though. :)

Shorts weather, huh? I must fly out there NOW.

Have a good day! Thanks for the Isaac fix. xo

Amber said...

You guys crack me up!!!! *I so need to add a bit more to my child hood* I grew up on dance/R&B...seriously...in the area we lived in...I was the only "white" girl. yep...till I was in middle school. I remember at family gatherings *which was super frequent* loud music and LOTS of dancing. hm...you helped me remember a good memory from my life with her *if you exclude the drugs they were doing...and having us kids prepare* (just a minor blip on the radar) :0)

Also...Grace's HR...used to be high. *pre the last surgery* When she would be in the hosp with an oximeter I would always make them change the parameters because she would set it off all night sleeping! So adjusting to a MUCH lower one...is difficult. Now 80 whilst crying is WAY too low. Thats why the echo was ordered STAT...he felt the fluid was putting too much pressure on her GIGANTIC heart. (you can't tell that's and issue for me can you?)

btw...shorts???? why do I feel like you are bragging?? I woke up to SNOW yesterday! :0(

Sarah said...

Crack me up. One of my gfriends has 2 older girls and her little boy is Evan's age. Of course her little Robert learns lots from his preteen sisters. At baseball practice he put on sister ipod and was walking singing this:
I think i'm cute,
I know I'm sexy.
I got the looks,
That drive the girls wild.
I got the moves,
That really move 'em.
I Send chills up and down their spine.
I'm just a sexy boy.
I'm not your boy toy

I make 'em hot,
I make shiver.

Kinda glad Evan is an only child now. LOL.

Kelly said...

I'm laughing here. I agree, some of the music is out of control! Kids know WAY too much too soon!

I love your family stories! =)

Mami Adame said...

Ugh don't you just love the music they play on the radio? Sometimes I get into the beat and then realize what the lyrics are when i hear my monkeys repeating them! not good! So most of the time its kid music or a movie.
I love your new blog! It's great!