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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Here's one of the pics that Tasha took of the soccer team...
can you tell that he's sick that day..
he left and that was the night of marathon throwing up!

I don't have any Isaac pics...

you know why??

Because some little two year old has been throwing little two year old tantrums today!
Seriously...my sweet and quiet little man...is a stinker today.

Nora (pt) came over to work with him and he just fussed and fought with her the entire time.  He didn't even realize that she was getting him to STAND UP to reach for a toy!  He was so fussy, that only after 30 minutes of working out, he fell asleep on the floor.

Then, tonight....I tried to watch The Young and the Restless (don't judge me...it's my escape)....and he screamed.  I thought something was hurting him.  Just to check, I turned Yo Gabba Gabba on....and he stopped.  He even sat up and started dancing.  SO....I let him watch that episode...and when it was over...I turned the channel.  SCREAMING again!  That boy.  I did NOT turn it back to his show.  It's time to start being firm with my little delicate angel....he's not going to like it!

Eli got "Beatty's Best" this month.  He gets to have a pizza party at school with the principal tomorrow...he's so excited!

Chris (oooops...I haven't shown you his hair yet)...well...he had scouts tonight.  He had to put on his scout shirt.  Ahhh...that thing was SO SMALL...he's grown so much this year...I'll have to make a trip to get a new one! yikes!!!

Joe...made it home last night about 1am!  
Tonight...by 11:00...

Me...I got to visit today with my favorite pt Nora, my BFF Tasha (who's birthday was today), and my sister Mandy.  Tomorrow, it's lunch with heart mama Karen and dinner with heart mama Maria....oh...I feel SO LOVED!

Tomorrow...I'll try to do better with the pics.  I will!

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Vanessa said...

I just love all the recent pictures.

At least Isaac is doing all those wonderful normal things 2 year olds do...even if it makes you crazy. :)

Sounds like you have some fun things planned for tomorrow. We are actually taking Arianna out to dinner tomorrow night if her cards appt goes well. :) Yay for normal stuff!

The Portas said...

Isaac is stepping up the sassiness, I love it! He and Elijah would be nice and sassy together.

Hey, we just got a satellite dish and with that comes channels that we've never had. Like the channel that shows YO GABBA GABBA! Elijah watched it for the first time this week and he was mesmerized, unable to take his gaze from the tv. Such a fun little show!

Sounds like a fun day of heart mamas today! HAve fun..xo

Deal Fanatic said...

Ok, you know how easy I am to tear up ;-)
Ahhhh..so sweet (you know what I mean)
Let's plan a shoot with you and the boys..I have ideas just running through my head.

cindy said...

Oh my...the pic of Isaac checking his mail is one of my favorites now. He looks like he's saying "What's wrong? Never seen a little kid update a blog before?" I just love him!

I also love the pic of Eli in his soccer gear. Sorry he was feeling yucky, though!

Sending lots of love,


cindy said...

Hey, my comment got gobbled up before I hit Publish!