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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

ahhhh...no time for pics today!


Nora (our pt) came over today.  She had Isaac standing!!! (ok, while we were supporting his bum, feet, and he was playing with a toy on a chair)...but, he was putting pressure on his legs!!! 
NOW....we get to order our little leg braces!   I'm so excited!!  Maybe, even a little boy walker like Elijah, and a big boy stroller (because he will not be walking long distances anytime soon...so, a special wheelchair/stroller for more support for him).

YEAH...you guys know that i LOVE me some shopping!!!

Chris lost his top invisalign last week.  SO, that came in today...we made a quick trip to the orthodontist....and he's good to go.

THEN, we went to the Guitar store.  Eli wanted to get his music teacher a gift for teacher appreciation week...and Mr. Wilson loves playing the guitar.  Eli settled on a flame guitar strap with matching guitar picks (he didn't understand why I wouldn't buy Mr. Wilson a guitar!)  
While we were there, Chris picked out a base guitar.  He's ready to be in a band (maybe the mohawk will return??)

Chris had mutual tonight at church...Eli had dinner...Isaac fell asleep.  Eli and Isaac have the sniffles today.....uurrghh.   I've loaded them up with claritin and benadryl...hope it works.

Isaac does see the ENT tomorrow...so, that's good.

Hope you guys printed off your FREE KFC coupons from Oprah!

Maybe tomorrow I'll do better...and take pics.
I'll try.

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The Portas said...

Yes, pics please! :)

Bearing weight, this is awesome! He and Elijah can have walker races. :)

No guitar for Mr. Wilson? How cute. Eli is funny.

Good luck with the ENT appointment. xox

Tina:0) said...

Okay, you need to "kill two birds with one stone" and post pics of Isaac STANDING!!! That is so awesome! I'll bet he'll be running a marathon before you know it!

Sending hugs all around!

Vanessa said...

Yay for getting braces ordered. I just love Elijah's little walker. THat will be awesome if Isaac gets one too.

Sounds like your staying busy as always.

Thanks for the KFC coupons. That will be dinner tomorrow!