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Thursday, May 28, 2009

I had to send Isaac's fancy glasses back to 
Cali to get new lenses put in....
so...we're wearing our back up pair!
(stop laughing at my baby)

After seeing these on his face...
I am SO glad that I paid a fortune for the other pair!
I gave Isaac a bowl of cheese puffs.
he dumped them out.
and started eating the bowl.

(he did eventually eat a few)
Here's Eli getting his wii Fit on!
Down dog...
he loves it!

We spent the entire morning running errands!  whoo...so exhausting.  But, there were MANY deals to be had (and I still haven't made it to Old Navy yet...fyi...all their clearance items are half off!)

This afternoon, Isaac was crawling...and he tripped.  (that's my Isaac..tripping while crawling)...and he busted his lip...blood was everywhere.  He scared me to death!  Tomorrow we see the pulmonologist...but, he's been doing great.  I think this will just be a check up...and maybe they'll decide to let us get rid of a few meds! (fingers crossed!)

We found Eli's party invitations tonight (nothing fancy...but, what a LOT of writing...I should have just printed them off!)

Chris...I love that kid...because he's mine...but, he does get on my last nerves on a daily basis.  If I look out the window and say "look at how dark it is"...he'll say, "It's not dark....look how light it is".  That's how my days go....I wish I could wire his mouth shut.

Joe came home tonight...is already in bed.  One day...we'll meet again!

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The Domanico's said...

Isaac-you are such a happy little boy. Keep eating those puffs (or the bowl they are in!) Hope his appt goes well today.

The Portas said...

Oh, he looks adorable!! I love that he dumps out the food and eats the bowl. Elijah does the same thing.

Good luck at the pulmonolgist today. I hope you're able to drop some meds. That's always such a great feeling.

Chris, give your awesome mama a break! Have a good weekend, you guys! xo

Grandma Susie said...

Fun seeing those pics of Isaac smiling. It makes me want to smile too!

Tell Eli "that's an awesome downward dog" (I love yoga) and you guys too!

Tina:0) said...

What a smiley guy! He's just too darn cute!

Hopefully the pulmo appointment goes well - with a drop in meds! I always love(d) it when they drop Vaeh's - I always feel like I'm forgetting something for about a month! My Mom & Jon are still set on the old schedule of her meds from about 3 months ago!

Give that adorable little guy hugs from us!

Lee Family said...

I know what you mean by crazy my girls drive me crazy every single day...
I will be heading out to Old Navy this morning after Therapy. I go to the one off of Stephanie. A really good bargain gets me going in the morning :)

I hope my little baby is ok, I would have freaked out also, I freak out when Logan hits is head.