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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mr. Isaac is OFFICIALLY trying to break me.

First off...we had OT come over today...and Isaac was so sweet.  We talked about plans to get him to stop eating everything and chewing on only "mouth" appropriate playthings (nuk brush, jigglers, etc).  SO, I put them all in a bowl...and what does Isaac do??  He dumps it all out and eats the bowl.  
oh...I have my work cut out!

We get through with therapy...and I look at my calendar...NO appointments tomorrow.
UNTIL...I look in Isaac's ears.  yep...draining...AGAIN.  So, I get us into the peds in the morning.

THEN...the Heart Center calls...they want to schedule Isaac to come in for another synagis shot.  WHAT!?!?  I thought he was finished?  Well, there are still a lot of cases here...and Isaac's on the "need another shot" list.
SO, tomorrow we see the peds...then, rush over to the heart center, pick up sto, pick up lick, eat dinner, have soccer practice.....and CRASH!

Maybe I can get a few pics tomorrow between all that!

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Vanessa said...

Oh silly boy!

I can't believe your getting another synagis. That's awesome he'll be protected!

Sounds like a busy day tomorrow. We will be super busy as well. Hope you get some rest. I'm just excited to watch Grey's tomorrow!!!

Mandy said...

Just to give everyone an update.... Kat had time to stop by a Walgreens to do some shopping so she must be doing fine with time!!! :D

Love ya Kat

Lee Family said...

We also got a call 2 weeks from the Heart Center to get Logan's shot we were there today Thursday) at 11am what time did you go.

Your day sounds like mine on the go go go!