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Monday, May 25, 2009

So....Isaac is a crawling madman!!!
Here he is crawling to the kitchen.
This is a bench...and he's trying to get something
under that bench!
Poor thing...he couldn't get out.
He kept trying to sit up...and banging his head.
AND....mean mom..I had to grab the camera and take 
a pic before I rescued him!!!
Later that day...he crawled into the kitchen further....then, over to the glass sliding doors that lead to the backyard.  He was looking really hard at Katie's doggy door...but, never made the move! (that would have been PRICELESS!)  Tonight...he crawled out of the living room, past the play room, past the stairs...into the LAUNDRY ROOM!  Holy cow...we're going to have to start closing doors!  I'm SO excited!!!

Joe was off work Thursday through today....it was perfect.  We haven't had any days off (where a surgery wasn't involved)...in almost TWO YEARS!  We didn't do a darn thing!  I mean....we just relaxed.  A movie here, dinner there, yard work, church....just normalcy.  DO you know how wonderful that is???  No one was sick...no doctors visits....just chillin'!!!  It's going to be hard tomorrow...getting back into the swing of things.

Chris has this week left in school, next week are half days with finals...and he's DONE!  Eli has two more months...poor thing!  

We were able to see Megan and Dan for a little bit this weekend..oh..you guys are so DARN cute!!  Next year, make your vacation longer...and just stay with us...AND, bring Elijah!!!

We did try to go out today and check out the Chrysler car lots that are going out of business...but, they weren't giving away cars bad enough...or, I was ready to buy.  My poor minivan is 8 years old now with 87k miles!  I mean...it works just fine...never a problem, but...if I could have gotten a steal on a new one...I would have taken it!

Did you watch Jon and Kate tonight?  Oh...so sad.   I know that Kate's bossy...but, he's taken it for a LONG time.  If he cheated on her...they should whack it off!  That should be law...I hate cheaters.

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The Domanico's said...

It is so exciting to see Isaac crawling everywhere and getting into things!!

So happy to hear that you had a nice and relaxing weekend-you all deserve it. I am so jealous that you saw the Porta's. We have to get to Vegas soon!! Hope it's a good week.

carolinamomma said...

wooo hoooo yay for Isaac!!!! That is wonderful!! So glad that you all were able to spend some much needed family time together! I love the bench in these photos by the way! It's great! Oh, I'll have to agree with you on the cheaters comment - Peter Whacking would probably stir up a good bit of change! the only problem is, what do you do about female cheaters?!?

The Portas said...

After sleeping in our own bed last night, I am starting to feel slightly normal again. Wow, was I a sleep-deprived girl this weekend!

Thanks soo much for driving to us (twice!) to see us! I just love you two. And I love your munchkins. I feel so lucky that I got to love on the sweetest little Isaac for a bit. Chris, sorry we missed you this time!

I love the pics. Hee hee. I would have snapped a few pics, too. xo

Sarah said...

It is awesome that Joe had some time off for just relaxing - glad you all enjoyed it! I loved watching Jon and Kate - hate to admit but I find myself in Kate - controlling & having a set way to do things. I don't know how she would keep things under control if she didn't? But, cheating - maybe I should let up on hubby a bit???

Anonymous said...

If it weren't for bossy moms, husbands and children couldn't have a clue what to do.

crabby old man said...

Anonymous I believe you may be My Bride & if so this is ur 1st comment on a blog .
Kathy thanks for sharing Ur family with us..

Dina said...

I am so happy that Isaac is finally on the move. Before you know it he'll be running circles around you. I love watching the videos of him. He is such a cutie pie.


cindy said...

I just love the fact that you have to chase that little man around now. Go Isaac...make mommy crazy!! :)

I was going to go to bed early tonight and started watching Jon & Kate instead. You're right...so sad.

Sending lots of love to the Rollers,


Lee Family said...

OOOHH Crawling everywhere how great is that. I am so jelious. What a big boy he has come so far.