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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Look at my man...cheese puff and biter biscuit...
miracles do happen!
Who's having fun???
We went on a bike ride Saturday night..
and for out efforts...
we rode to Taco Bell!!!
He looks like he's sticking that tongue out on purpose!
There's Eli ready for his bike ride...
he will STILL not let us take his training wheels off!

What a weekend!
The bike ride was FABULOUS!  I think we're getting Mr. Eli a new bike for his birthday (he's still on that baby bike...and a scardy cat!)
Isaac just goes with the flow...whatever we want to do.   He's just amazing.  He's been eating those cheese puffs like a champ.

BUT...he is doing something new that's odd.  He sits up, then falls forward until his head is between his legs, laying on the floor.  Then, he starts banging his head on the floor.  SO....I have to rush over and rescue him from himself.  (I'm going to make him wear a bike helmet if he doesn't stop it!)

Chris had youth conference at church all weekend.  He's had a blast...but, he's POOPED now!  His finals start on Tuesday.  Do you think he's studied??


I'm TRYING to get to bed...but, some little ball of lovin' keeps crawling around the house in search of shoes to chew on!  

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Grandma Susie said...

Yeah for you guys - What a fun way to get to Taco Bell.

Isaac is growing up so fast - it seems like he's got a new trick every other day now.

Eli has definitely outgrown his old bike. Take pics of the new one you get him for us.

The Portas said...

I just love that happy little face! Way to go, eating all those cheese puffs, Isaac! Yay!!

I'm glad you guys had a fun bike ride. Have a good Monday! xo

Tina:0) said...

That sticking the tongue out picture was adorable! Maybe he's finally catching on & making faces for Mom!!

Kelly said...

Wow! He needs to teach Aubrey how to enjoy cookies and cheese puffs! Aubrey still won't put ANYTHING in her mouth!