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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Eli woke up in the middle of the night having trouble breathing.  After a few breathing treatments...he was good to go....IN THE EMERGENCY BED!  Coughing and snoring...Isaac was snoring...we didn't get any sleep!

SO, Eli stayed home form school and went to the peds...only to discover it's a mere ear infection.  Seriously...that's how sensitive he is.  An ear infection causes an asthma attack?? AND...i keep getting letters from school about his absenses....I can't help it that he's always sick and can't ever breathe!

Of course Isaac has still been snotty.  Coughing started today.  AND...tonight...the ear is draining.  So, we'll be at the peds tomorrow with him(

I was able to give the np at the peds office 10 glucose meters that I've gotten for free.  She works at a free clinic and will take anything that I can give her.  

Chris has an algebra test tomorrow.....I hope he nails it this time (for his sake)!!!

and...I'm up way too late wiping snot off Isaac's face and trying to snag some Old Navy Coupons!!!  I'm such a dork staying up each week waiting.....

I'll update tomorrow with Isaac's diagnosis....but, wouldn't another ear infection make sense?? (he's only trying to stay ahead of Gracie!)

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Mandy said...

So we have decided in the ON chat room that they are going to give the coupons out per email address or ip address. I'll stay up as late as I can. I'll call you later today. Don't forget, you get Seth this afternoon so I can go to the ENT.

The Portas said...

Poor Eli! I have a feeling that will be our Eli, too. We'll be getting calls from school regarding absences with all the breathing issues he has, too.

I'll be looking forward to an update about the littlest one. Get well, BOYS!!!

Lee Family said...

You need to stop coupon hunting and get some sleep, trust me it is way more important.
Also You need to take Eli to see Dr. Mcknight if he is having this many Asthma attacks his Asthma is not under control. We just saw him yesterday for Elizabeth and he is raising some of Elizabeth's Meds. Please go see him and let me know what happens. I will call you later on today. Hope your day gets better. Hope Eli gets to feling better. It sounds like Isaac's Allergies are bothering him.


Vanessa said...

Oh poor Eli, but I'm sure he was happy to use the emergency bed. :)

I hope Chris nails his algebra test today!

I hope Isaac feels better soon. It's no fun when our kids are sick. It makes for some very tired mommies. I feel your pain today. We are still trying to get an appointment with the ped today but they will not call me back. AGH!!!

T n T - K n K said...

ok I'm all caught up now..I had not been over here for a while. Tell Eli that his twin is waiting to reconnect over here anytime.
.....let me know when you need me to stand by on the CPBlog. Because as I have learned ...the coupon world does not wait for us to get healthy or our families healthy again.