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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Can you tell how sore his little nose
is from all the wiping??
He's been in really good spirits considering
his nose has been running constantly 
since last night!
Eli getting ready for bed....
this was Chris when I asked him to pose for me...
then...I caught this one!
Isaac woke up about 2am this morning and stayed up until about 4am...then, I had to get up at 5:30 with Chris.  AND...I took a benaddryl last night.  Do you know how that feels when you're in that deep, medicated sleep...and snot needs to be sucked and little man wants to play??  
oh my.

We did see the ENT today.  His ears are clear (so far).  He's on claritin, singulair, and benadryl right now for allergies.  Dr. O'Lee told me to take him off the claritin and start zyrtec.  I hope it works...if not, it's time for nose spray!
(I switched Eli to zyrtex too....he's snotty also).  AND it's not swine flu.  These two boys are allergic to EVERYTHING (that would be thanks to Joe).

and I just wanted to apologize to everyone that lives in Las Vegas.  If the air has seem polluted lately...it's Isaac's poop.  I know that you can smell that stink miles away!  I put them in a baggy, tie them up, and throw them outside in a trashcan...but, I think he's got the stinkiest poop in the world...and I'm sorry that we're contributing the to the pollution of the valley.

that's all i've got.

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The Portas said...

I hope the poop smell is gone in two weeks when we are there!

Oh my goodness! I swear Chris has grown up since the last picture I saw! He's like a young man now.

Yes, I do know that feeling of being in a medicated tired state. UGH. I hope you get a nap today.

And get those boys feeling better! Hugs to you all. xoxo

Rachel said...

OMGosh....Chris's hair makes him look sooooo much older. I love it!