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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Did you see that?  He is eating cheese puffs AGAIN!  Dawn (our new dev. specialist) and I were talking...and I was telling her how he just can't keep things out of his mouth...everything goes into his mouth EXCEPT food.  To show her, I went to get a cheese puff.  I offered it to him, and he grabbed it...but, then dropped it on the floor.  I picked it up and offered it again.  THIS time, he licked it...then, kept licking it and taking small bites.  He ate FIVE cheese puffs today...all of it!!

Yeah for Isaac...Yeah for Isaac...Yeah for Isaac...YEAH!!!

Eli's birthday is coming up...and we're trying to plan a BIG swim party.  SO...if you're in the area...it looks like we're partying poolside for Master Eli on Saturday, June 6th at 11am!!
(I'll provide the floaties!)

Chris has youth conference this weekend...and EFY at BYU on June 8th....he's going to have a BLAST!   (ok...for those of you that don't know what those letters mean....it's like a church camp for a week...they are awesome!)

Joseph just rolled in...it's 10:40:(

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Krista said...

Yeah for Isaac...he looks so happy...just dancing and eating his cheese puffs...what is it about those?

didn't know we were celebrating our little guys b-days so close...Seth's big day is June 8! Oh I wish we were closer to come swimming...we have to settle for sprinklers and water balloon in the backyard...fun for the boys but not so much for mommy, who would much prefer a floatie!

Have a great day!

Sarah said...

WOW - you love those cheese puffs don't you little guy? That is awesome!
Thank you Kathy for always letting me know you care and leaving a comment to lift me up when I'm down. Your such a caring person and I'm thankful for you.

The Portas said...

WOW! Look at him go with the cheese puff! This is AWESOME!! Yay Isaac! Keep it up, little man!

Joe home late again? :(

Have a good day filled with cheese puffs! xo

Tina:0) said...

I'm tellin' ya... he'll be eating steak in no time! (LoL) Way to go, Isaac!!

Boy, where have I been?! I don't check in for a day or two & look what all I miss! I LOVE the pics of Isaac under the bench, in the pool with the boys - is that actually a picture of you (I get accused of not putting pics of myself up all the time:0) & that shot of Chris?! They're great!

Hope you have fun at the b-day party! Floaties sound like sooo much fun:0)

Tina:0) said...

Oh, & that little gig he does in between bites? Too darn cute!

Rachel Dominguez said...

That is totally awesome to watch. He even picked it back up off the floor when he wanted more.! Yeah!!! Maybe he's onto something now about how awesome food can be!

Lee Family said...

HIs little dance in between bites is so cute and he ate 5 WOW, and those are not gerber Graduates are they...

You can count on us we will be there for the party, I will call you to see what Eli wants for his B-day.


Vanessa said...

Look at him go! Way to go Isaac!!!!