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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Who's a happy baby??
All smiles...
He totally starts smiling the minute I take the camera out!
Can't you tell by that face that he's a trouble maker?!?!?
OH BOY...what a weekend.

I'm sure I can't remember it all to share...but, I"ll try (with my old brain!).

Saturday morning Eli had a soccer game.  Eli scored his first goal!!!  I got sunburnt...on my knees and forehead.  seriously.  That's it.  and  NO, I will not share a picture with you (use your imagination).  I took a LONG nap that afternoon...I think the sun drained the life out of me! (Isaac slept with me too...I love that!)

Sunday morning...Joe had work.  Eli and I woke up all snotty...and Chris couldn't pull his bum out of bed (oh..because he had a camp out Friday night).

Sunday afternoon...I tried to get another nap (ahhh....I don't know why I'm so tired)....but, Eli wouldn't cooperate...and it just didn't happen for me:(

Isaac is doing so wonderful.  I just can't believe him!  But, I wish someone would please tell him that if he's going to start crawling all over the place...the, he needs to start eating by mouth and not by feeding tube!  He's killing me.  I have to chase him and that tube all over the living room!  AND..he's regularly crawling into the playroom to get more toys.  Now, he cries when he can't remember how to get out...but, it's oh soo cute to look for him now!!!

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The Portas said...

I'm so happy that Isaac is crawling everywhere! What a champ! I just love his hammy smiles for the camera. :) Sweet boy.

I'm glad you guys like the monkeys! Have a good day..xo

Rachel said...

He is just so cute I cant wait to pull up your blog and look at his photo's.

Yay for the crawling, now we will pray harder over here for the eating. :)


crabby old man said...

If I was as cute as Isaac, I'd be like the little kids from Vietnam I'd jump in front of every camera I saw.

mina said...

So cute as always!

Danity' Mother said...

you are turely blessed to have little issac in your life.my third child was born on Feb25th her name is Danity Faith. she also had digeorge syndrome. she had open heart surgery at 5 days old. she had a gtube placement as well. she was a fighter. she passed away on june 7th. she was and still is a beautifull little angel. i miss her soooo much.she was only 3 1/2 months old. It is so hard to go on day to day without the pain. it will be with me for the rest of my life, but GOD is so good becuase he is getting me thru these hard time. i just wanted to share a little piece of danity's story with you i have never spoken with another mother who's child has digeorge.