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Monday, May 11, 2009

Isaac is a crawling mad man!!!
He got beside the playroom and started calling
for me to come and rescue him!
(he still can't always find his way back)
The professor is keeping his glasses on more and 
This is how he "chills" watching televsion..
toys in hand...and legs crossed!
This is the only pic you'll see of Chris...
he eludes me all the time!
But...Eli is always willing to smile for me!
(beware Megan!)
I did a little yard work, cleaned the pool (because I don't have a pool man anymore:(...and the big boys were able to enjoy a little swim time before soccer practice.
Isaac and I just sat on the side with our feet in the water.

Let me tell you how wonderful Mother's Day was for me.  We made it to church...late, but we made it.  THEN, we had a great lunch.  After lunch, they asked what I wanted to do.  I said...NAP...let us ALL take a nap.  SO, Isaac was in his crib, Eli in the emergency bed, Chris in his room, and Joe was my snuggle bug.  It was a perfect Sunday afternoon!  Everyone slept for hours....pure bliss!!!  

Isaac had a great day today.  He has a lingering cough...ok...and a little snot...but, I think it's all allergies.  Once I give  him a dose of benadryl....he's good (sleepy), but no coughing and snot. 

We have NOTHING planned for tomorrow.  Maybe I can squeeze in a few stores to use some coupons that are burning a hole in my pocket!

Chris should get his last Algebra test grade tomorrow....I think that I'm as nervous as he is.

Eli...is my sweet angel....this is his last week of soccer.  I'm SO EXCITED...and I just can't hide it....

OK....that's enough info for tonight....it's getting late!

I hope that everyone had a great weekend...and has a great week!

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Vanessa said...

Sounds like the perfect Mother's Day to me. :)

I'm so glad Isaac is getting around more. I'm sure he'll figure out how to find his way around soon. What a cutie pie!

I SO wish I had a pool. It is so darn hot. It was 101 today and will stay that way all week.

Have a wonderful week!

The Portas said...

A huge family nap sounds AWESOME!! I'm glad it worked out. And I'm glad you had a nice Mother's Day, you awesome mama.

Bring on the heat!! Do you have any idea what kind of a winter we have just endured? It could be a million degrees and I'd be happy. :)

I'm so happy that Isaac is crawling everywhere. What a little star. I love the pic of him lounging...that is EXACTLY how Elijah lounges. Toy in hand, laying on his back with his legs crossed. Our boys are two peas in a pod!

Have a good Tuesday! Thanks for the fun pics..xo

Melanie said...

I'm so happy to hear that you had a great Mother's Day-you deserve it!

I am so proud of you Isaac-crawling around everywhere. Pretty soon you will be running and then your mommy will really need a nap!

Amber said...

I wanna swim in your pool!!!! :0)

A nap would always be my request...why is it that we could never get enough sleep? hm??? I wonder....

Thank you so much for your sweet words...you all are definitely included in my "support system"!

I love all the pics...he is so big!

The Laumer's said...

Glad to hear you had a wonderful mothers day who could ask for a better present then a nap. Send some of that heat to Minnesota it is stinking cold here. I am so happy that Isaac is getting around more now I bet he is much happier. Take care and if you need a pool girl let me know I could use some Vegas time. sue

Lee Family said...

Your Mothers day was perfext bliss.

Have you tried putting Isaac in the pool to see how he would react??

The girls and I would love to come over and swim they would love it.

Glad to hear everything is good.