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Monday, May 04, 2009

Who is this phantom man in the picture??
We've only heard about him in legends...
never in a million years did we think we'd 
ever get a chance to SEE him!

I wish it was Friday already!

oh well.

I made an awesome trip to Staples and scored some great deals (see here).  Brought my little man home to feed him lunch.  We picked up the big kids....picked up Eli...made it to soccer practice.
That doesn't seem like alot...but, I felt much easier.  

Chris has a teacher that he picks on ALOT.  So, we picked this teacher a sweet little gift for teacher appreciation day....and Eli has his gift bag ready to go.  

Chris is ready to join a gym.  He's come to the realization that he might not be very tall...so, he'd like some muscles for the ladies to oogle over.  He's driving me BONKERS!   Because Joe works far too much to take him and I could take him...but, I can't drop Isaac off at the day care.  hmmm...my thinking cap is on.
AND...he's also bugging me about his dream car when he turns 16.  It's a 1 1/2 away...and he wants an "old mustang".  and OLD means a 90s car (in Chris terms).  Seriously....I love the old ones (real old)...or the newest model...I can't stand the one that he likes.  And the more I tell him that I don't like that one...the more he LOVES it!  

Eli and Isaac are my angels.  As always.  Isaac did something amazing tonight.  At soccer practice, he was sitting on his blanket playing with toys...and a group of girls ran by.....and he watched them and followed them.  HE has NEVER noticed other people or followed them.  I can't believe it!  He's finally aware of his surroundings! (it's these little things that keep me teary eyed).  

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Grandma Susie said...

Wow! Daddy got to come home before bedtime. I know he misses all of you.
Tell Chris that Grandpa can get a weight trainer all set up for him at our gym if he wants to come for 6 weeks this summer. He & Eli could both come and I'll teach Eli some yoga (and a few wii tennis tricks)
. . . it's not surprising that a group of girls at the soccer field is all it took to get Isaac's full attention.

The Portas said...

Look at those three HANDSOME boys!! I'm so happy Joe made an appearance.

Is there a gym at school that Chris could use?

I remember the day Elijah first noticed his surroundings. I got excited, too. We certainly know how to appreciate the small stuff. I love it!

Have a good day! I hope Joe makes another appearance today! xo

Tina:0) said...

OMG!!! Eli's a stinkin' copy of Joe!! He looks so much like him!!

Sounds like Mr. Isaac is going to start showing off with all kinds of new things that he can do! Way to go, Isaac!

Give that little man hugs!

Vanessa said...

I'm so glad you guys had some Daddy time! It's great to see the boys loving on their dad.

Isn't that funny how the early 90's seem old to kids. LOL!

That is wonderful progress for Isacc! He is doing so many wonderful new things.

Lee Family said...

Eli looks exactly like his daddy. What a handsome bunch.
Glad to hear that Isaac isaware of his surroundings what a big step.

I wish it was Friday also....