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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Have I told you lately that I LOVE  YOU??

yep YOU...the one reading this.

If you take even one second to click on our blog, to think about our family, to pray for our son, or call me....I love you.

Just wanted to say that.

OK...that alien that took over body momentarily is gone...and I'm back.  I am SO EXCITED that Megan and Dan (Elijah's parents) are coming in town this weekend.  I just want to steal her away from him and have a spa weekend with her (Dan...come on..do you REALLY need time alone with your wife??)  

We've had a pretty normal day.  Isaac did a new trick..he licked some lemonade.  Ok, he can't drink and swallow..he chokes and could aspirate.  But, we were at Lowes, it was hot...Eli was drinking and offered some to Isaac.  I took the bottle, tipped it enough so that it wouldn't pour in...and Isaac started licking the inside of the bottle (like a puppy) and LOVED it!!!  So CUTE!  (I wish I had two more arms...to video and photo all this stuff each day!)

WE were at Lowe's because we dropped Chris off to work out at the gym and Eli and I decided to go and buy flowers to plant.  I've been buying dirt (ok, potting soil) all week while it's onsale at Walgreens.  NOW...we have pretty flowers, a banana tree, a lemon tree...and two new palms....and Eli got a little shovel to help dig holes!
(and Chris already pulled a lemon off the tree and smashed it...he's SO grounded)

I'm watching American Idol (kind of)...and the Black Eyed Peas were AWESOME!!!  Did I ever tell you that Joe took me to see them while we were 8 months pregnant with Isaac??  They were so good in person.  I danced in the aisle the whole time....me and my  FAT self!!!  (that must be why he loves music soo much!) 

umm....what else??  Nothing much.   I cleaned the guest bathroom (all guests will appreciate that).  That's all I've felt like cleaning....now, the other 2 bathrooms are calling my name.  urgghh.  

OH...I know.  Eli has a sign on the fridge that reminds us to eat at CiCi's tonight from 3pm-9pm to help raise money for the pta.  He was reading the letter to me this morning...and said, "OH MY GOSH...MOM, at 3pm...I'm still in art class!!!  What are we going to do???"

you see...Eli doesn't get out of school until 3:07....and it was quite disturbing to him that they would start this WITHOUT him!!!
(fyi...we actually attempted to go to Cici's....but, the line was out the door.  sorry...maybe next time)

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Mandy said...

Yes, so since we didn't do Cici, we came back to my house and the kids had a water fight outside!!! Poor Eli was SOAKED!!! But, he had a blast. Who cared that there was no pizza......

Okay, Kat, let's see if we can get that alien to take over your body more often!! :D

We love you too. (even when you're being mean)

Hollie said...

Love you back! :) I have to come and get my Isaac fix every day!!! Sounds like you had a good day even if you didn't get pizza. Holy cow, a banana tree in your yard? Ben would camp out and live on bananas if we could grow one! You'll have to post pictures of your beautiful yard!

Amber said...

Love you too!!!

Can you say jealous??? My brother and sil are coming to Vegas the first week of June...maybe you could squeeze them and they could deliver it.
*why does no one want to "get away" to Indiana???? ;0)*

You are such a busy girl...I planted flowers this week..LOVE them!

Sarah said...

We Love you too!

The Portas said...

I love you back!!! :)

Did you get my email? I sure didn't mean for our get-together this weekend to be so difficult. Sorry!

Ugh, I just don't like cleaning bathrooms. Well, cleaning at all is yucky, but bathrooms are my least favorite. And we have three of them!

That's so cute about Eli being upset about the fundraiser starting without him. Hee heee!

Have a good day! xox

Rachel said...

Love you too! You guys are like a part of my family!