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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Here's Isaac's first week of
they are in school...
this is what we do...

That's about it. You can tell by the pics that he NEEDS something in his mouth at all times, that his knees are dirty because I need to mop my floors, and there are finger prints ALL over my television.


Don't judge me.

Other than that....Chris and I are already spatting over homework and Eli is almost finished reading another chapter book (He's reading a book this week on the 4th grade reading level)....not bragging or anything (especially since I just told you that I let me 2 year old watch tv all day and Chris doesn't want to do homework)

Can I just say, "thank heavens for my Eli"....he brings serenity to my days.

Nope...I don't have a favorite per se...I think you're reading too much into it.
I have my favorite 7 year old, my favorite 2 year old, and my favorite 14 year old.
(just not always in that order...how about that)

The NIGHT CRAWLER is STILL up crawling around. I should change him again (which I do about 20 times a day)...and just put him in the crib (I'll take the camcorder up there and see if I can sneak a video of him do his crazy dancing in the crib and then crashing and then calling me! Cracks me up!)

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Mandy said...

Stop picking on my Sto :) Eli is your favoriate because he's a mini you. A NERD!!! And Sto is a mini me. He'll pass his classes and do fine just as I did and Eli will be a A/B student (dork) all thru school just like you. :)

The Portas said...

What a smartypants that Eli is!! Isaac looks as cute as can be sitting there like a big boy. I hope you guys are having a fun day together! Hugs to you all. xo