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Saturday, August 08, 2009

We're back from the beach...
(still in NC) though...
and we are POOPED!
Joe was such a trooper and kept the big boys
entertained while I took care of Mr. Isaac.
After a few near-drowning attempts by Eli...
he knew the waves were out to get him...
and a life jacket was called for.
Baywatch beauties watch out...
my boys are coming!

I don't think that anyone had a better time than Eli did!
and this was how Isaac spent his week.
 He did start feeling better on Friday...just long enough for me to sit him in some water on the beach (those photos I'll post tomorrow).

SO...what a LONG-- week.  Let's just start by saying that the beach itself...beautiful!  It was on the North Shore and all new houses (except ours).  Not crowded...just perfect.  I was a little bummed when we first arrived and the house wasn't as pristine as I'd hoped from the pictures on the internet (I'm sure it was at one time...just many hurricanes ago).  We had a few struggles at the beginning of the week...NO air conditioning (so, it was about 90-95 in the house!) for 3 days.  Just a few other minor details...and these darn bats that lived in the fireplace.  They would start making noises as the sunset (thank goodness that couldn't get out to get us!!!)(and you know I'm LOVING Twilight and the vampires...but, the bats...just giving me the heebie-geebies!)

BUT...we were still oceanfront and that was indeed awesome!!  Just a quick hop to jump in the sand...and by the end of the week...we had enough sand in the house to start our own beach!

Isaac is ruining my plans to ever return to the coast to live and raise surfer boys.  I think he was allergic to everything the beach had to offer.  Poor little thing.  He's back on his oxygen in the evenings (and he HATES that canula up his nose).  He's still pulling on his ears, running a fever, and has the croupy cough.  I may have to take him to the docs again on Monday before we fly out just to make sure he's ok to fly. (and he's been on antibiotics for a week now)...which, by the way...are giving him the runs now instead of the opposite effect that he normally has.  oh...the drama with this kid!

I am sick.  Yep...I'm taking every over the counter cold medicine I can find...coughing, sneezing, and sniffing on everybody.  The big boys are starting up too...hmm...maybe the house had cooties!!

Tomorrow morning I'm driving Joe to the airport so that he can get back to work and the boys and I fly out on Wednesday.  

and now...I've just finished feeding Isaac, the big boys are playing XBox, and I've just rubbed my body down with Vicks vapor rub (just what Joe likes to smell when he goes to bed at night!)shh...don't tell him...it'll totally be a surprise!

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Andrea said...

I love your pictures! Your boys sure look like they are having a lot of fun. What a bummer that Isaac isn't feeling good though. And now you too! I hope you get the perfect mix of OTC drugs to help you get through the next few days. Have a safe trip home!

Mandy said...

I told you to just come home at the beginning of last week when Isaac first got sick!! Go ahead and come home with Joe tomorrow. I've got the house ready for you. I'll even go get milk and have Eli's Frosted Flakes ready for him. :D

It's great that Joe and the big boys got to have fun. Oh, Dan wants to know if Joe is shaving the wrong part of his head. :D Tell him to call me and I'll get him from the airport. And make sure you let me know what time to get you on Tuesday.

Sarah said...

It does look like Eli had a blast! I would freak the heck out over the bats! Sorry things weren't as planned - that wluld just stink! Poor Isaac - hope there is no issues and you all get home safely!

Grandma Susie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Grandma Susie said...

Kathy, the pics are great - thanks for posting them!
We had a really good time watching Chris and Eli catch their little sea critters the evening we were there and it was great to see your Mom. We also LOVED the time we got to spend with Joe on the way there.
I HAD NEVER SEEN THE BEACH BEFORE but now I know what everyone talks about.
So sorry about the bats and the air conditioning, but we think the beach house was perfect and we're already thinking about our next beach vacation - (maybe you guys could be OUR guests?) . . .
Poor, poor Isaac! Give him kisses from us with his oxygen and antibiotics! I hope your feeling better also by Wed and you'll be able to get everyone home safely.

Lee Family said...

I wonder if it's the humidity, Elizabeth was like that when we lived in TX. It was way to humid and she was always sick and conjesed, then once we moved to Las Vegas she was better.
Poor little guy I hope he gets to feeling better soon and you also I am so sorry everyone is sick.
Have a nice flight back and if you need anything when you get home call me.

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

Great Beach Pics!!!!