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Sunday, August 30, 2009

I bet you're wondering where I've been.
Well...let me tell you.
I've been taking care of a sick Eli. Breathing treatments all day and catching
and cleaning up throw up. He's already missed a day of school!
Then...we have Sir Isaac.
Who now takes ONE HOUR to eat a little jar of baby food...
that's three times a day...
pooping about 8 times a day...
one hour long feeding bag feeds twice a day...
cleaning up all the feeds...
and still taking about 15 meds a day.

That's all I've been up to.

But...tonight...I played with a naked Isaac.
I put his little bum on the scale....
Guess what he weighed in at??
Don't peek!
Can you believe that...over 23 pounds!!!
Well...I can tell you that my back feels it...
every 465th time of the day that I pick his
ba-donk-a-donk bum up.
I don't have a pic of Eli..
but, here's one we took while in NC...
These are two of my cutie pie cousins...
Eli was in HEAVEN with them around~
So...it's Sunday night. Joe and Chris made it to church. I kept Eli home because he still had a yucky cough...Isaac had the runs...and I was just too darn tired.

Eli's feeling much better tonight. Isaac's still taking forEVER to eat. Not sure what's going on with that....but, I'll keep trying. Chris...that boy is a whole other story....but, he's doing good.

Well...I'm SO behind on cutting my coupons...and there are SALES this week that are calling my name!

Thanks for checking in on us~

***and one more thing. If you have a moment...go check out MakeMemoriesForever.
This is (follow me now) my sister's mother-in-law's blog. She recently lost her husband to Lymphoma and has started making the cutest little bears out of your clothes or fabric. Hence...the name "memories forever". You can send her an old shirt, blanket, anything you'd like and she'll make bears, lap quilts, pillows...you name it.

uh huh...told you they were cute!

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The Portas said...

Oh no!! You have some sickies on your hands. :( I hope those cuties get better quickly.

Over 23 lbs, wow! And eating all that food, too.

I am praying right now for miraculous healing for your boys and for REST for you, supermama!

Vanessa said...

Oh poor Eli :( I hope he feels better soon.

Way to go Isaac! Keep eating buddy. :)

The bears are adorable!

Lee Family said...

I am so sorry everyone is getting sick, I am going to call you tonight to see if you need anything.

I hope everyone gets better real soon.

Hot Deals said...

Me too also so sorry everyone is getting sick,