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Monday, August 31, 2009

This is how I give Isaac his neb treatments each night...

Did you know that Pulmicort causes glaucoma if the granules
get in the eyes?? They don't exactly tell you that when you start treatments...
luckily...I had a good RT at Stanford...and she clued me in.
so...treatments while sleeping.
The kids are trying to kill me...that's all there is to it. I spent the day taking care of them...taking them to the peds (where they revealed that it's just a stomach flu...)..grocery runs...Walgreens run...cook dinner sometime in there...kinda clean...

and now...

I'm going to make one more bag of food for Isaac, give him 5 more meds....and we're all going to bed!

Tomorrow...I'd like to talk about the Japanese toilets.

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Mandy said...

Poor baby. You should just stick Eli beside Isaac and get both of their treatments done at the same time. :) I'm still thinking that you should take my two sick kids tomorrow and let me sleep all day. :)

Tina:0) said...

Just catching up... sorry I've been MIA:0)

How do you do it? I think I'd give up long before you even talk about it!

Sounds like everyone is on the mend! Thanks for the tidbit about pulmicort... didn't know that & Vaeh was on it for quite some time. I'll keep an eye on her peepers! I'm already watching them because of a slight drift she had after her first long hospital stint.

Hope you have a slow, relaxing, healthy week! Give that little man a high 5 from us on the eating (even if it does take a while;0)

Kelly said...

Oh man Kathy! Never a dull moment in your house! Those boys of yours keep you busy!

Hopefully everyone is feeling better soon. SO when do you get a Mommy vacation? You need one girlfriend!

The Portas said...

I did NOT know that about Pulmicort. It's good to know, considering Elijah is seemingly constantly inhaling the stuff (and while eyes are open). Maybe I'll have him wear goggles?