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Monday, August 24, 2009

1st day of school...

do I have any pics?


Bad mommy...bad mommy.

BUT...we did get up early and got Chris off. He was looking handsome...I made sure that he brushed his teeth, his hair, sprayed his arm pits....and I made him change his clothes.

THEN, I fed Isaac while he was snoozing....and just rested for a little bit before it was time to wake up Mr. Eli. He was so excited. Packed up his new backpack, added the 120 crayons (a must for any 2nd grader), a Rockband folder, and a lunch box with a turkey and cheese lunchable. We walked him to his class. He was perfect.

The day just flew by today. Before I knew it...it was 1:00 and time to start picking up my high schoolers...feeding Isaac at 2:00, and back out to get Eli by 3:00.

We ran errands, made dinner...did a little homework, some chores...baths...and the lone Isaac is the ONLY one still wondering around the house not yet ready to sleep.

(seriously...even Joe's asleep)

I could have just taken Isaac up to bed hours ago when the big boys went to bed....but, he'll just do the shaky dance in his crib until he crashes into the side...cries...and does it again. The crib is NOT a safe place for Isaac. (I need to get him a padded crib)!

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The Portas said...

I'm glad everyone survived the first day of school!! Isaac is a night owl, huh? He wants to dance in his crib all night long. Can you drape blankets over the sides of his crib so it's nice and padded?

We want more pics of those cuties!! Have a good day! xo

Mandy said...

Dear sister.... Have you moved the crib mattress down or is it still up high? I know you can't reach far but if you move it down you should be fine. :)