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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Eli LOVES playing with Isaac. And they both love peek a boo. But, seriously...have you ever seen a reaction like Isaac's. What's up with the shaky dance?? He does it all the time when he's excited. You should see us in a store, he's in a shopping cart...gets the giggles....and does this spastic dance!

School starts tomorrow! Eli got a different track than what I had requested...we'll see how that works out...but, his teacher is so darn sweet.

Chris doesn't start seminary until Wednesday ( I think)...so, I have a few more days before I have to get up at 5:30! ouch...it already hurts my bones!

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Amber said...

Yes, we and I say WE are still home schooling. I will say that I have decided to implement an earlier wake up tim for the kids though...in order to fit everything into one day!
We schooled until Jacob came home...so they've only had a month off. I posted the new "schedule" on the board and the word on the street is...they are all ready to get back into it. *we shall see*

The Portas said...

I LOVE that video!! That is the cutest thing! Isaac, your dancing is the best. :)

I hope yours and Eli's cough went away. Also, how was the Green Day concert?

Vanessa said...

Eli is such a great big brother! I love the shaky dance!

Teresa said...

so adorable