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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

shhh....don't tell Joe..
but, I let Eli play on his computer tonight!
(better his than mine!)
A miracle happened tonight!
Isaac ate almost a WHOLE jar of baby food...
sitting (reclined) in his high chair...
not in his bouncy seat!
but...look at that little face.
I had to put towels beside him
(he just can't sit up straight)
and he still needs the paci to help swallow
(but...whatever it takes!)
So..if you're on facebook you read that CHRIS was cooking Easy Mac this afternoon. He forgot to add water...and caught the microwave on fire (our house still stinks).
Later he said, "mom....they should out a warning label on that stuff for kids. You could burn the house down!"

SO...Kraft. You make easy mac easy enough for a 4 year old to make it....could you label it correctly for a almost 15 year old to follow directions please?

Eli had another good day at school. He's got the easiest spelling words this week, he flies through his homework.

We got ready to hop in the pool this afternoon...and YUCK! algae. Where we haven't swam in a few weeks and have had the pool covered...the water was so hot (like over 90) and that just helped the yuckies grow. BUT, a quick trip to the pool store, a little help from Chris....it'll be ready to go in 2 more days!

See...we don't need no stinkin' pool man!

Chris seems to be doing great at school. He's still in choir....found out that he's a bass. AND...he even sang a little for me. SHOCKING!

Isaac. hmmm....eats everything. Right now, he's been chewing on this wooden table that I had to place in front of the television that holds his "button" and helps him stand. seriously...he's going to get splinters in his mouth!
THEN...under the table, they asked me to put those rubber squares on the floor to cushion his fall (because this is where we're practicing the standing). WELL, the little squares have little puzzle cut outs in them...another tasty treat for Isaac. He will take a huge hunk out of it!
AND...he busted his lip open tonight.
I'll take a pic tomorrow for you.
too much drama going on tonight.

because I haven't told you that after Chris caught the microwave on fire....I caught the grill on fire! yep. I turned it on...I was cleaning the pool and noticed smoke. I ran over, turned off the GAS....and there were still flames in the grill! JUNK in the bottom was on fire! seriously. I'm surprised that our neighborhood is still standing!
(and Joe had the nerve to tell me that my pork chops were dry!)

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The Portas said...

Did Chris at least take the cheese package out of the Easy Mac before burning it? Oh my..too funny! Your neighbors should be warned that you guys are a household of fire hazards! :)

Wow, GREAT job on the eating, Isaac!! That's awesome!

Here's to a drama-free day for you guys. No mouth splinters and no burning down the house!! xo

John said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vanessa said...

You sure have a busy house. Your a SUPER MOM!

Vanessa said...

Sorry I wasn't finished..lol

I'm so proud of Mr. Isaac! He is doing so good. Well I think I smell dinner burning so I better run.