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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

WE're HOME...we're HOME....we're HOME!!!

Tired...cleaning...and unpacking.
But...I thought I'd share a letter with you that I'll be
sending to Southwest Airlines:

Dear Southwest Airlines,

I recently traveled from North Carolina to Nevada on a 4.40 hour non-stop flight. During this long flight, I was able to observe some things that you might want to take note of to change in the future of your flights.

What are the odds of us landing in water flying across the United States?? Why spend the time on showing us how to use the seat as a flotation device and blowing on the orange life vest....when better time could be spent explain to passengers that when they are getting up from their seats to go the bathroom...that they should NOT pull on the seat of the passenger in front of them. Maybe you should remind said passengers that the people in front of them are not aware of their urge to pee and thus are scared to death when abruptly awoken from the sleep that they just drifted off into. Might these said passengers, instead, turn to their fellow "aisle" passengers, face them, and if support is needed, use those arm rests that are between each seat. Also, while talking to said passenger, could you remind those with wide bums to please turn sideways while walking down the aisle, as not to bump arms and shoulders along the way?

Another item of note would be the reclining of seats. It is known by all that airline seats do recline. BUT, why would you recline your seat, knowing how little space is already between you and the seat in front of you. AND...if you do recline your seat, could you please explain to the man in the blue shirt, that try as you might, kicking the floor and pushing until your face turns pink, the seat will only recline a certain amount. Please further remind said man in blue shirt, that it isn't appropriate behavior to try and push his seat on the lap of the cute southern girl sitting behind him...because she is holding a baby, and does not want her baby squished by the tray table on blue shirt man's seat.

Once the plane lands and approaches the gate, could you please remind passengers that we will all get off the plane. Please address red headed lady who had too much to drink that it isn't appropriate to try and pull a huge suitcase from the overhead while intoxicated and while trying to pull it out while a cute southern girl holding baby sits directly below...my soft belly will not cushion the bags fall and items are likely to shift and get damaged during the fall.

Finally, it should be noted that I observed the snazzy khaki pants that the flight attendants wore. They had the Southwest logo on the bum instead on the Docker logo. (way to keep the money in the company!) That being said, could you please share your business plan with other airlines, so that they too might be profitable and could offer discounted rates....so that we could travel on their airlines and watch movies and have the option of first class.

Thank you so much to your attention to these matters.
I look forward to flying with your airline soon to see that these suggestions have been implemented.

Kathy R.

(and yep...I'm still taking LOTS of cold meds. I haven't coughed up my lungs yet...but, the week isn't over yet. I am taking Isaac to the peds tomorrow just to confirm that he's getting a little better...he's still got a low grade fever and junky chest (2 rounds of antibiotics now). yikes!)

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Mandy said...

Okay, you've gotta send that email out. If you don't I will. You are too funny. I think it's time for you to go to bed. Get some sleep and I will come check on you in the morning.

The Portas said...

Welcome home!! I love the letter. Airplanes are interesting places, aren't they?

Get better!! Sending you healthy prayers today..xoxo

Sarah said...

Can't wait until our Southwest flight to Disney! Now I'll be thinking about you and your letter when I walk sideways down the aisle and push the man in the blue shirt back to a sitting position.

jencooper said...

HAHAHAHA!! Okay, I will admit it. I laughed out loud while reading this! Pretty hysterical!

I hope that you are feeling better. We are all fighting that same thing here in the Cooper household.


Tina:0) said...

I have to agree with Jennifer... laughing out loud the whole time I read the letter... & remembering flying Southwest in the past;0)

Glad you're home & can rest (LoL)! Hope you're all feeling better soon!

Lee Family said...

Sorry you had such a horrible trip, I am glad you are home try and get some rest now.

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

I yi yi...
so glad you're home...

now WE'RE off for ten days!!

Kelly said...

Home sweet home. You have to LOVE being trapped in an aircraft with all those random strangers that have no idea how they affect the people around them.

Thanks for the chuckle today. We've all been there.

Hope you all feel better soon!

Grandma Judy said...

I Miss you already!