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Monday, August 10, 2009

Have you seen the video of Isaac doing that shaky dancing that he does.  I use to think it was some type of seizure or neurological disorder that we'd have to take him in for.

WELL...at 3:00 last night...he pops up from his crib and starts dancing and shaking the crib so darn fast.  As sick as I am...I pick him up, change him, and lay him in the bed with me.  He keeps sitting up and dancing in the bed.  I'm SO drugged up that I don't want him to fall off the bed, so I put him back in the crib where he can dance his little heart out (eventually he'll fall asleep...right?)  

I ease back into sleep with visions of my dancing baby in my head...only to wake up abruptly to find a face hovering over me.  ELIAS...just starring at me.  

"mom...I'm coughing and sneezing."
"ok Eli...let's go to the kitchen and get some medicine"
and I drag my tired, sleep deprived, drugged up, snotty nose to the kitchen to give him meds as we leave the room with the dancing baby still doing his jig.

Once in the kitchen, I pull out two meds he needs to take.  One for the cough and one for the snotty nose.

"Eli...take two spoons of this"
"ok mom"
"Eli...take just one of these spoons"
"mom..I have to pee"
"Eli..ok...just swallow this spoon and you can go pee" as I'm holding the spoon to his mouth...

then...what happens next.
PEE falls from his black shorts and lands on the burgundy rug where he stands.

"Are you freakin' kidding me?"

I know...I have far more patience for Isaac than I do for the other boys.  That isn't fair...but, it's the reality of the situation.

"I told you I had to pee"

I drag my tired, sleep deprived, drugged up, snotty nose back to the bedroom to get Eli more underwear and shorts...and to smile at my dancing baby still doing his jig.  

I get a rag and wash Eli's little body and legs and he puts on his new shorts and undies.

"Can I sleep with you mom?"

"Are you going to pee in my bed?"

"no mom:("

So...we're off to bed.  
Or so I'd like to think.  

Eli falls asleep as fast as his head hits the pillow.  Isaac is STILL dancing in the crib...and it's 5:00am NOW!  seriously.

I go BACK to the kitchen and make Isaac's milk to start his feeding pump.

After another diaper change, more meds, quick nose wipe and nose suction...I plug up sir Isaac...and he decides that he's tired of dancing and he'll lay down and enjoy just sleeping and eating.  

It's now time for the sun to rise...
serenity now...serenity now.

and that was just the beginning of my day.  I had to take Eli to the doctors today.  He too has bronchitis...so, more meds to pick up and we take an afternoon nap.

I think I've spent about $600 this week on three urgent care visits and all our meds.  Because you KNOW that no one here takes our sorry STINKY insurance. 

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Mandy said...

Really everyone... it only took Kathy about three months of me telling her and finally after Tasha sees Isaac dancing and tells Kathy what he's doing does she finally agree that he's dancing!! She hates when I'm right!! :D

I can't believe that Eli pee on mom's rug!!! Not even my kids have done that!!! Yay, finally your kids did something before mine! :D

I can't wait till you get home but I'm picking you up with a mask over my face and running as soon as I drop you off at home. Oh, and I' bring Sto home with me to keep him well. :D

The Portas said...

Oh you guys. :( I'm so sad that you've had to endure so much sickness on VACATION!! It isn't fair!

We want to see some more Isaac dancing videos!

Praying huge prayers for all of you today. Get better!! Sending you lots of love. xo

Tina:0) said...

It sounds like you need a vacation from vacation! Maybe just hang out by your pool next time;0)

Hope you're able to get some rest & have a safe trip home!

TKS said...

It's Tasha again (just know I'll announce myself since I'm signed in all over the place)

Are you sure you guys are on Vacation? Sounds like your certainly at home with all that goin on.

You mean my little Isaac is doin the jig--standing up--and I'm missin it! I love that move and now it's upright, I can't wait to see it!
Take care little Roller Family and see ya soon (maybe-smile)

Sarah said...

Sorry to hear you guys are feeling bad! What's up with insurance - we are having to change in Jan. and I am NOT looking forward to the new one. Hugs and hope everyone feels better!

cindy said...

Oh man, I'm sorry for all the sickness around there! Glad you had such a great time at the beach, though, and you can't even tell in the pics that Isaac is feeling so yucky!

Everyone get better soon!

Keep on dancin', Isaac!!

Sending lots of love,


PS., Kathy, I'm a major CB slacker these day, so you'll have to get the pics of the kids from my FB! I even just put up a Jakey video! xoxo