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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Isaac's at the front door...
looking for shoes to eat!
see...Chris left one behind...
and I had to grab it before it became a snack.
(Isaac is like a little puppy!)
and here's a little Eli...
just playing with Isaac's toys
because he's BORED TO DEATH.
wouldn't that be tragic?
Oh my WORD...I've been trying to update this darn blog for THREE days now. Well, trying to upload the cutest little video.
BUT...blogger didn't like it...and so on my desktop it will stay.

I can't even remember what's happened this week. We had pt over and Isaac worked really hard on trying to stand.

OH...Logan had his heart surgery today. Eli and I went to the hospital to visit with Richard and Karen. I hope the little guy has a good night and doesn't wake up too mad! Please send your prayers and good thoughts their way.

Isaac hasn't had any blue spells lately. Maybe it was because we had to lower his Prevacid dosage due to re-authorizations with the new insurance. We have that all worked out and he's on his regular dosage. Who would ever have believed that severe reflux could cause so much damage and hurt my little bugaboo so much:(

We go to school tomorrow to meet Eli's teacher. I'm a little bummed that he's on track 3...even after attempts to PLEAD and beg for track 5. Darn school...just add more teachers to the track that everyone wants...HELLO!

Joe is taking Chris and his friend to a concert tomorrow night. GREENDAY at Mandalay Bay...here come my boys! I hope that Joe remembers to take his ear plugs and Chris doesn't embarrass him too much (ok...maybe just a little). SO, it's date night for Isaac, Eli, and myself. I'm not sure what we'll do just yet..maybe a NAP! (that would be grand...but, I think Eli has other plans for me--)

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Wendy said...


Isaac cracks me up, looking for shoes to eat! And that cute little grin, I just love him!!!

Sorry that Eli didn't get the track you wanted, that really stinks! Donnie's school did the track system one year and then they built another new school so they haven't had to do it again....yet.

Enjoy your night with Isaac and Eli! I'm so glad that Isaac hasn't had anymore blue spells...I've been worried about him. I even told my mom about it! She hears about all of our heart friends....

Take care and have a great weekend! It's our last before school starts!

Lots of Love,

Wendy (& Emma, too!)

Grandma Judy said...

Can you put the video on you tube?
I can't wait to see it!