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Thursday, August 13, 2009

What's this??
A ball??

I should try to eat it...
maybe it tastes good?!
uhh...maybe I'll lay on it now...
oh yeah....that's nice...
That's the life!
ok...these were taken right before we left on vacation. You DON'T want to see a pic of sick boy today. He's still got a slight fever, goopy eyes, goopy nose, coughing, wretching, throwing up...and teetering on the low 90s (almost making me put the canula up his nose)!

I do have an appointment in the morning with our ped to make sure the meds he's on are working or if he needs something else, stronger...chest xray...new tcells...something!

Sir Isaac was up alot last night too...maybe he'll sleep better tonight. AND..that little stinker was up at 5am dancing his jig in the crib! (he's finally on east coast time now that we're not on the east coast!)

Eli spent most of the day at Mandy's...THANK YOU! (that boy will talk your head off)

Chris went to Mandy's for half the day, the orthodontist for new invisaligns, and then spend most of the evening with a friend.

I haven't told you the tale of Chris on this vacation. To make it short and sweet...and not too embarrassing for him....here we go:

He wears invisaligns. They are like these clear caps that go over his teeth like braces. Well, while playing in the ocean...the bottom set was moving around and so he took them out and put them in HIS POCKET. yep...while still playing in the ocean.

We lost the bottom set of teeth!

He takes his iphone, I take mine, and Eli takes his (long story why we have so many). Anyway...we're getting ready to pack to leave the beach house...and Chris can't find his phone.

He has NOW lost his teeth...and his phone.

It's the morning that we fly from NC. I'm packing the last few items and tell the boys to put their shoes on. Chris can't find his shoes. The shoes that he's worn everyday since we got to NC. No one else wears his shoes. Mom's house isn't that big. Luckily, I packed an extra pair.

He has NOW lost his teeth, his phone, and his shoes.

I haven't finished unpacking our luggage...I can't wait to find out what else he's lost!!
That...my friends...is Chris....my teenage, Alzheimer sweet pea.
(can you imagine how he'll be when he gets old....I better start writing his name and address in his undies now!)

Thanks for checking on our family!

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Mandy said...

Chris is a mini you!!! You forget everything also dear sweet sis.

just drop the boys off in the morning and we'll chill all day. when we get bored we'll just go back to your house. :)

Sarah said...

Oh my... that is an expensive 3 things to lose!!!

jmckeel said...

I take it that you didn't have a good flight home? Sorry, maybe better luck next time with those "FREE" tickets that southwest is going to send!! Yeah right! Hope all of you start to feel better soon.

Lee Family said...

Sorry you are having such a hard time and I am so sad that my little man is sick poor guy, I hope he gets to feeling better real fast. And I hope you are doing better also.
try and enjoy your wweekend.

Miss ya

Grandma Judy said...

Found the shoes....no phone though!
Take good care of my boys.

Hey, where did that quilt come from. I haven't seen it before.