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Friday, January 23, 2009


I didn't post yesterday because SOMEONE named Isaac was UP ALL NIGHT LONG. He would fall asleep and 20 minutes later (just as I was falling back to sleep) be would cry. And..I've told you that he doesn't cry unless somethings wrong. So, about 2am we went downstairs...diaper is changed, no fever, sats are fine, no ear drainage...WHAT IS IT?? I don't know...but, let's try benadryl in case you have a post nasal drip, motrin in case you're teething and your mouth hurts, ear drops in case it's your ears again. It took about 30 minutes after all that...so, by 5am we were asleep! ONLY to wake up at 5:30 to get Chris up and ready for seminary. So, Thursday I was pooped.

Now...we've made it to Friday. Nora (our wonderful pt) came over today. We're working with Isaac on getting into crawling position. WELL, Nora was putting Isaac's bum into position and felt something odd. HIS BUM! OK...here's the thing with his bum. Right in the middle of each cheek (bum cheek) you can feel his hip bone. It's VERY prominent. But, that's how it's been since he was born....I just thought he had a bony bum. Well, Nora moved his legs all around...there wasn't any clicking noise (and he doesn't have limited motion...in fact, he's opposite...he is TOO limber)...but, she did ask if he'd ever had an x-ray of his hips. Well..NOPE...we haven't. SO...she suggested that before we even try to start working with him on weight bearing (remember, he doesn't stand up...at all)...that we should get an xray and make sure that everything in that area is ok. Thank goodness there are some GREAT pediatric orthopedics right near my house, and they got us in on Monday morning! SO...I won't have too much time to obsess about this or worry. I hope they don't find anything wrong..but, if they did...maybe that would explain his lack of putting pressure on those feet.

Other than his old man eyes, old man hips, old man heart....he's doing great! While working on crawling today...he got on all fours...he did NOT move his arms, but he did try to move his knees! I was so proud of him! When we were finished, I walked Nora to the door and when I walked back in the living room...Isaac was out COLD! He slept for FOUR hours!!! What a work out!!! (and Eli is reading over my shoulder again...stop Eli...stop!!)

Eli got a gift card for Build a Bear for Christmas from our SWEETIE PIE neighbor...so, yesterday after school...Eli made a monkey. His name is DJ. He names all of his stuffed animals...and he knows all of their names. He sleeps with all of his animals..I'll have to climb on the top bunk and take a picture one day....you wouldn't believe it!

Chris is around here somewhere.

We recorded Lost on Thursday and just finished watching it. SO GOOD!!!
(stop reading this Eli!)

It's late and the bed is calling my name!
Hope everyone has a great weekend......and I'll post on Monday night and tell you how the ortho appointment went (seriously...is there a specialist that we haven't seen yet??)

**oh wait..I almost forgot to tell you. STILL..I'm getting billed for Isaac's cleft palate surgery. Blue Cross doesn't want to pay and his secondary medicaid will not pay if blue cross doesn't pay first. Seriously. At this point...in this economy....I don't even care. I'll tell them that I'll pay $5 a month....one day they'll get their money.
It's the dumbest thing EVER. The hospital is approved...and once again the doctors that enter the hospital are not providers! How is that even fair?? IT's not!
That's all I have to say about that...I can't use bad words (and that's all I'm thinking)

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Mandy said...

I was starting to get worried about you. Chris told me a few hours ago you were sleeping but I thought you would have called.

I'll have Isaac doing army crawls when I get there next week. Just wait and see. :)

We love you and we'll see you Friday.

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

Great update...

I need to just call you..
I miss you...

insurance stinks.

Amber said...

Kathy...I did NOT need to read that insurance bit! Grace accidentally was added to my husbands insurance...making her Medicaid secondary...my stomach has hurt since realizing this. It is such a mess...

Sarah said...

Will be checking back on Mon. to see what the xray showed. What's up with insurance this week... we got 2 bills of which we were supposed to be covered by insurance. Thankfully we found that it was a mistake, whew. Evan came down with the stomach bug about an hour after we tried to call you guys Thur. night.

Jane said...

I hear you on the insurance thing. I just got a bill for $34K for Ramona's last cath. That took my breath away. So much for health insurance!

Isaac is looking so cute. Ramona's "butt bones" do that too, although it seems less so now that she's up and getting around some.

I'll be praying that it's nothing or at least no big deal.

crabby old man said...

I will continue to pray for the little man. I do love that baby

Vanessa said...

What a great OT you have. I'll be praying for a good report on Monday.

The Portas said...

That insurance thing makes me mad! How can that be fair?? Ugggh..

You must be getting Isaac's hip xray today...so I'm praying! GOOD HIPS!

We haven't watched Lost yet. Tonight! I can't wait! xoox

Samantha said...

Kathy...sorry I have been away...I get sucked into facebook and run out of time...plus I am reading these darn Twilight books and cannot find time for anything else ;)

I hope that Joe is feeling better and that Isaac is too! I think that they are ganging up on us again...Mousey was up all night long last night and is currently on his third nap of the day!

Much love my friend!