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Thursday, January 15, 2009

as promised...
pics of the professor...

he's not smiling at me...
he's looking at the television...

Our occupation therapist came today and couldn't believe the progress that Isaac has made. He sat up, reached for things...he was just the perfect little trooper today.

Chris feels like he did a good job on his algebra mid-term today....hmm..I can't wait until grades are posted.

Eli lost his glasses two days ago. They are LOST somewhere in this house...if only my house wasn't full of toys and clothes. We have all been looking and looking....I can't imagine where they are. I'd hate to have to buy new ones this weekend....it's a good thing we got them at Wal-mart...so, the leaves plucked off the money tree won't be too many! (yeah right)

Isaac has started wretching again. It's been only about once a day. Who knows?? He hasn't thrown up...just that yucky blue face, gagging, help me look....:(

I've paused Grey's Anatomy, I have Joe on the phone...I've got to GET!

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Vanessa said...

I love his Mr. Professor look! :)

Okay...what is up with our kids. Arianna started the wretching about 2 days ago as well. She has thrown up twice and it seems to be mostly mucous. Ever since her cold a few weeks ago she will wake up at some point throughout the night and have a coughing episode. I'm thinking this is because she still has some nasty mucous in those lungs. So....the wretching is going on in our house too. :(

Wasn't Grey's awesome tonight!!!!

The Portas said...

Awwwww...just what I needed today. Pics of the sweet little Isaac professor. In the last one, he looks like he's pondering a deep subject, about to let his classroom full of students in on his insight. :)

I hope you find the Eli glasses soon! Have a good day..xoxox

crabby old man said...

Thanks for shareing with Us.

hayngrl101 said...

Sheesh. I think we have four pairs of glasses our daughter. One got chewed up by a dog... one pair is on her face at the moment, and the other two are lost in the house. Somewhere. When we lost the last pair, we went the summer mos without them. As soon as I ordered more, (3 days later) I found her glasses (that's how we ended up with 4 pair). Buying a replacement has always promptly produced finding the lost item... it has worked very well with clothes, books, toys, etc. Maybe you should try it!! (ha ha NOT!)

Tina:0) said...

Oh, how grown up he looks! They do that too fast - grow up.

I think we need to give "looking for" lessons to Eli & my Gabby... she looses her shoes all the time!

Only got to see the last 15 minutes of Grey's, but WOW!

cindy said...

Thanks for the professor Isaac pictures. They always brighten my day.

Glad Chris' mid-terms are over. Maybe the stress was harder on us, because I know last week drove me nuts!

And Isaac...stop all that gagging stuff and give momma a break!

Have a fun weekend...

Love ya!


jencooper said...

I want to come and smooochy moochy on the professor. He is absolutely adorable!!

I hope that Chris did well on his exams. I am sure that he is relieved to have them finished.

I hope that Eli found his glasses!!